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* Copyright (c) 2013 The WebRTC project authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
* This file was originally licensed as follows. It has been
* relicensed with permission from the copyright holders.
* File Name: armSP_FFT_S32TwiddleTable.c
* OpenMAX DL: v1.0.2
* Last Modified Revision: 6781
* Last Modified Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007
* (c) Copyright 2007-2008 ARM Limited. All Rights Reserved.
* Description:
* Twiddle table for Forward FFT in Q31 format.
* It contains complex pairs [-cos (W * i), -sin (W * i)] where W = -2*PI/N
* and 0<= i<= N/8. N is the max size of the FFT. Here N = 2^12.
* Values for N/8 < i < N are generated in the FFTInit function using the
* symmetries of cos and sine.
* NOTE: The values are stored negated. This is to represent '1' which cannot be otherwise
* represented as Q31 in 32 bits.
#include "dl/api/omxtypes.h"
const OMX_S32 armSP_FFT_S32TwiddleTable[1026] ={
0x80000000, 0x0,
0x800009df, 0x3243f5,
0x8000277a, 0x6487e3,
0x800058d4, 0x96cbc1,
0x80009dea, 0xc90f88,
0x8000f6bd, 0xfb5330,
0x8001634e, 0x12d96b1,
0x8001e39b, 0x15fda03,
0x800277a6, 0x1921d20,
0x80031f6d, 0x1c45ffe,
0x8003daf1, 0x1f6a297,
0x8004aa32, 0x228e4e2,
0x80058d2f, 0x25b26d7,
0x800683e8, 0x28d6870,
0x80078e5e, 0x2bfa9a4,
0x8008ac90, 0x2f1ea6c,
0x8009de7e, 0x3242abf,
0x800b2427, 0x3566a96,
0x800c7d8c, 0x388a9ea,
0x800deaad, 0x3bae8b2,
0x800f6b88, 0x3ed26e6,
0x8011001f, 0x41f6480,
0x8012a86f, 0x451a177,
0x8014647b, 0x483ddc3,
0x80163440, 0x4b6195d,
0x801817bf, 0x4e8543e,
0x801a0ef8, 0x51a8e5c,
0x801c19ea, 0x54cc7b1,
0x801e3895, 0x57f0035,
0x80206af8, 0x5b137df,
0x8022b114, 0x5e36ea9,
0x80250ae7, 0x615a48b,
0x80277872, 0x647d97c,
0x8029f9b4, 0x67a0d76,
0x802c8ead, 0x6ac406f,
0x802f375d, 0x6de7262,
0x8031f3c2, 0x710a345,
0x8034c3dd, 0x742d311,
0x8037a7ac, 0x77501be,
0x803a9f31, 0x7a72f45,
0x803daa6a, 0x7d95b9e,
0x8040c956, 0x80b86c2,
0x8043fbf6, 0x83db0a7,
0x80474248, 0x86fd947,
0x804a9c4d, 0x8a2009a,
0x804e0a04, 0x8d42699,
0x80518b6b, 0x9064b3a,
0x80552084, 0x9386e78,
0x8058c94c, 0x96a9049,
0x805c85c4, 0x99cb0a7,
0x806055eb, 0x9cecf89,
0x806439c0, 0xa00ece8,
0x80683143, 0xa3308bd,
0x806c3c74, 0xa6522fe,
0x80705b50, 0xa973ba5,
0x80748dd9, 0xac952aa,
0x8078d40d, 0xafb6805,
0x807d2dec, 0xb2d7baf,
0x80819b74, 0xb5f8d9f,
0x80861ca6, 0xb919dcf,
0x808ab180, 0xbc3ac35,
0x808f5a02, 0xbf5b8cb,
0x8094162c, 0xc27c389,
0x8098e5fb, 0xc59cc68,
0x809dc971, 0xc8bd35e,
0x80a2c08b, 0xcbdd865,
0x80a7cb49, 0xcefdb76,
0x80ace9ab, 0xd21dc87,
0x80b21baf, 0xd53db92,
0x80b76156, 0xd85d88f,
0x80bcba9d, 0xdb7d376,
0x80c22784, 0xde9cc40,
0x80c7a80a, 0xe1bc2e4,
0x80cd3c2f, 0xe4db75b,
0x80d2e3f2, 0xe7fa99e,
0x80d89f51, 0xeb199a4,
0x80de6e4c, 0xee38766,
0x80e450e2, 0xf1572dc,
0x80ea4712, 0xf475bff,
0x80f050db, 0xf7942c7,
0x80f66e3c, 0xfab272b,
0x80fc9f35, 0xfdd0926,
0x8102e3c4, 0x100ee8ad,
0x81093be8, 0x1040c5bb,
0x810fa7a0, 0x1072a048,
0x811626ec, 0x10a4784b,
0x811cb9ca, 0x10d64dbd,
0x8123603a, 0x11082096,
0x812a1a3a, 0x1139f0cf,
0x8130e7c9, 0x116bbe60,
0x8137c8e6, 0x119d8941,
0x813ebd90, 0x11cf516a,
0x8145c5c7, 0x120116d5,
0x814ce188, 0x1232d979,
0x815410d4, 0x1264994e,
0x815b53a8, 0x1296564d,
0x8162aa04, 0x12c8106f,
0x816a13e6, 0x12f9c7aa,
0x8171914e, 0x132b7bf9,
0x8179223a, 0x135d2d53,
0x8180c6a9, 0x138edbb1,
0x81887e9a, 0x13c0870a,
0x81904a0c, 0x13f22f58,
0x819828fd, 0x1423d492,
0x81a01b6d, 0x145576b1,
0x81a82159, 0x148715ae,
0x81b03ac2, 0x14b8b17f,
0x81b867a5, 0x14ea4a1f,
0x81c0a801, 0x151bdf86,
0x81c8fbd6, 0x154d71aa,
0x81d16321, 0x157f0086,
0x81d9dde1, 0x15b08c12,
0x81e26c16, 0x15e21445,
0x81eb0dbe, 0x16139918,
0x81f3c2d7, 0x16451a83,
0x81fc8b60, 0x1676987f,
0x82056758, 0x16a81305,
0x820e56be, 0x16d98a0c,
0x82175990, 0x170afd8d,
0x82206fcc, 0x173c6d80,
0x82299971, 0x176dd9de,
0x8232d67f, 0x179f429f,
0x823c26f3, 0x17d0a7bc,
0x82458acc, 0x1802092c,
0x824f0208, 0x183366e9,
0x82588ca7, 0x1864c0ea,
0x82622aa6, 0x18961728,
0x826bdc04, 0x18c7699b,
0x8275a0c0, 0x18f8b83c,
0x827f78d8, 0x192a0304,
0x8289644b, 0x195b49ea,
0x82936317, 0x198c8ce7,
0x829d753a, 0x19bdcbf3,
0x82a79ab3, 0x19ef0707,
0x82b1d381, 0x1a203e1b,
0x82bc1fa2, 0x1a517128,
0x82c67f14, 0x1a82a026,
0x82d0f1d5, 0x1ab3cb0d,
0x82db77e5, 0x1ae4f1d6,
0x82e61141, 0x1b161479,
0x82f0bde8, 0x1b4732ef,
0x82fb7dd8, 0x1b784d30,
0x83065110, 0x1ba96335,
0x8311378d, 0x1bda74f6,
0x831c314e, 0x1c0b826a,
0x83273e52, 0x1c3c8b8c,
0x83325e97, 0x1c6d9053,
0x833d921b, 0x1c9e90b8,
0x8348d8dc, 0x1ccf8cb3,
0x835432d8, 0x1d00843d,
0x835fa00f, 0x1d31774d,
0x836b207d, 0x1d6265dd,
0x8376b422, 0x1d934fe5,
0x83825afb, 0x1dc4355e,
0x838e1507, 0x1df5163f,
0x8399e244, 0x1e25f282,
0x83a5c2b0, 0x1e56ca1e,
0x83b1b649, 0x1e879d0d,
0x83bdbd0e, 0x1eb86b46,
0x83c9d6fc, 0x1ee934c3,
0x83d60412, 0x1f19f97b,
0x83e2444d, 0x1f4ab968,
0x83ee97ad, 0x1f7b7481,
0x83fafe2e, 0x1fac2abf,
0x840777d0, 0x1fdcdc1b,
0x84140490, 0x200d888d,
0x8420a46c, 0x203e300d,
0x842d5762, 0x206ed295,
0x843a1d70, 0x209f701c,
0x8446f695, 0x20d0089c,
0x8453e2cf, 0x21009c0c,
0x8460e21a, 0x21312a65,
0x846df477, 0x2161b3a0,
0x847b19e1, 0x219237b5,
0x84885258, 0x21c2b69c,
0x84959dd9, 0x21f3304f,
0x84a2fc62, 0x2223a4c5,
0x84b06df2, 0x225413f8,
0x84bdf286, 0x22847de0,
0x84cb8a1b, 0x22b4e274,
0x84d934b1, 0x22e541af,
0x84e6f244, 0x23159b88,
0x84f4c2d4, 0x2345eff8,
0x8502a65c, 0x23763ef7,
0x85109cdd, 0x23a6887f,
0x851ea652, 0x23d6cc87,
0x852cc2bb, 0x24070b08,
0x853af214, 0x243743fa,
0x8549345c, 0x24677758,
0x85578991, 0x2497a517,
0x8565f1b0, 0x24c7cd33,
0x85746cb8, 0x24f7efa2,
0x8582faa5, 0x25280c5e,
0x85919b76, 0x2558235f,
0x85a04f28, 0x2588349d,
0x85af15b9, 0x25b84012,
0x85bdef28, 0x25e845b6,
0x85ccdb70, 0x26184581,
0x85dbda91, 0x26483f6c,
0x85eaec88, 0x26783370,
0x85fa1153, 0x26a82186,
0x860948ef, 0x26d809a5,
0x86189359, 0x2707ebc7,
0x8627f091, 0x2737c7e3,
0x86376092, 0x27679df4,
0x8646e35c, 0x27976df1,
0x865678eb, 0x27c737d3,
0x8666213c, 0x27f6fb92,
0x8675dc4f, 0x2826b928,
0x8685aa20, 0x2856708d,
0x86958aac, 0x288621b9,
0x86a57df2, 0x28b5cca5,
0x86b583ee, 0x28e5714b,
0x86c59c9f, 0x29150fa1,
0x86d5c802, 0x2944a7a2,
0x86e60614, 0x29743946,
0x86f656d3, 0x29a3c485,
0x8706ba3d, 0x29d34958,
0x8717304e, 0x2a02c7b8,
0x8727b905, 0x2a323f9e,
0x8738545e, 0x2a61b101,
0x87490258, 0x2a911bdc,
0x8759c2ef, 0x2ac08026,
0x876a9621, 0x2aefddd8,
0x877b7bec, 0x2b1f34eb,
0x878c744d, 0x2b4e8558,
0x879d7f41, 0x2b7dcf17,
0x87ae9cc5, 0x2bad1221,
0x87bfccd7, 0x2bdc4e6f,
0x87d10f75, 0x2c0b83fa,
0x87e2649b, 0x2c3ab2b9,
0x87f3cc48, 0x2c69daa6,
0x88054677, 0x2c98fbba,
0x8816d327, 0x2cc815ee,
0x88287256, 0x2cf72939,
0x883a23ff, 0x2d263596,
0x884be821, 0x2d553afc,
0x885dbeb8, 0x2d843964,
0x886fa7c2, 0x2db330c7,
0x8881a33d, 0x2de2211e,
0x8893b125, 0x2e110a62,
0x88a5d177, 0x2e3fec8b,
0x88b80432, 0x2e6ec792,
0x88ca4951, 0x2e9d9b70,
0x88dca0d3, 0x2ecc681e,
0x88ef0ab4, 0x2efb2d95,
0x890186f2, 0x2f29ebcc,
0x89141589, 0x2f58a2be,
0x8926b677, 0x2f875262,
0x893969b9, 0x2fb5fab2,
0x894c2f4c, 0x2fe49ba7,
0x895f072e, 0x30133539,
0x8971f15a, 0x3041c761,
0x8984edcf, 0x30705217,
0x8997fc8a, 0x309ed556,
0x89ab1d87, 0x30cd5115,
0x89be50c3, 0x30fbc54d,
0x89d1963c, 0x312a31f8,
0x89e4edef, 0x3158970e,
0x89f857d8, 0x3186f487,
0x8a0bd3f5, 0x31b54a5e,
0x8a1f6243, 0x31e39889,
0x8a3302be, 0x3211df04,
0x8a46b564, 0x32401dc6,
0x8a5a7a31, 0x326e54c7,
0x8a6e5123, 0x329c8402,
0x8a823a36, 0x32caab6f,
0x8a963567, 0x32f8cb07,
0x8aaa42b4, 0x3326e2c3,
0x8abe6219, 0x3354f29b,
0x8ad29394, 0x3382fa88,
0x8ae6d720, 0x33b0fa84,
0x8afb2cbb, 0x33def287,
0x8b0f9462, 0x340ce28b,
0x8b240e11, 0x343aca87,
0x8b3899c6, 0x3468aa76,
0x8b4d377c, 0x34968250,
0x8b61e733, 0x34c4520d,
0x8b76a8e4, 0x34f219a8,
0x8b8b7c8f, 0x351fd918,
0x8ba0622f, 0x354d9057,
0x8bb559c1, 0x357b3f5d,
0x8bca6343, 0x35a8e625,
0x8bdf7eb0, 0x35d684a6,
0x8bf4ac05, 0x36041ad9,
0x8c09eb40, 0x3631a8b8,
0x8c1f3c5d, 0x365f2e3b,
0x8c349f58, 0x368cab5c,
0x8c4a142f, 0x36ba2014,
0x8c5f9ade, 0x36e78c5b,
0x8c753362, 0x3714f02a,
0x8c8addb7, 0x37424b7b,
0x8ca099da, 0x376f9e46,
0x8cb667c8, 0x379ce885,
0x8ccc477d, 0x37ca2a30,
0x8ce238f6, 0x37f76341,
0x8cf83c30, 0x382493b0,
0x8d0e5127, 0x3851bb77,
0x8d2477d8, 0x387eda8e,
0x8d3ab03f, 0x38abf0ef,
0x8d50fa59, 0x38d8fe93,
0x8d675623, 0x39060373,
0x8d7dc399, 0x3932ff87,
0x8d9442b8, 0x395ff2c9,
0x8daad37b, 0x398cdd32,
0x8dc175e0, 0x39b9bebc,
0x8dd829e4, 0x39e6975e,
0x8deeef82, 0x3a136712,
0x8e05c6b7, 0x3a402dd2,
0x8e1caf80, 0x3a6ceb96,
0x8e33a9da, 0x3a99a057,
0x8e4ab5bf, 0x3ac64c0f,
0x8e61d32e, 0x3af2eeb7,
0x8e790222, 0x3b1f8848,
0x8e904298, 0x3b4c18ba,
0x8ea7948c, 0x3b78a007,
0x8ebef7fb, 0x3ba51e29,
0x8ed66ce1, 0x3bd19318,
0x8eedf33b, 0x3bfdfecd,
0x8f058b04, 0x3c2a6142,
0x8f1d343a, 0x3c56ba70,
0x8f34eed8, 0x3c830a50,
0x8f4cbadb, 0x3caf50da,
0x8f649840, 0x3cdb8e09,
0x8f7c8701, 0x3d07c1d6,
0x8f94871d, 0x3d33ec39,
0x8fac988f, 0x3d600d2c,
0x8fc4bb53, 0x3d8c24a8,
0x8fdcef66, 0x3db832a6,
0x8ff534c4, 0x3de4371f,
0x900d8b69, 0x3e10320d,
0x9025f352, 0x3e3c2369,
0x903e6c7b, 0x3e680b2c,
0x9056f6df, 0x3e93e950,
0x906f927c, 0x3ebfbdcd,
0x90883f4d, 0x3eeb889c,
0x90a0fd4e, 0x3f1749b8,
0x90b9cc7d, 0x3f430119,
0x90d2acd4, 0x3f6eaeb8,
0x90eb9e50, 0x3f9a5290,
0x9104a0ee, 0x3fc5ec98,
0x911db4a9, 0x3ff17cca,
0x9136d97d, 0x401d0321,
0x91500f67, 0x40487f94,
0x91695663, 0x4073f21d,
0x9182ae6d, 0x409f5ab6,
0x919c1781, 0x40cab958,
0x91b5919a, 0x40f60dfb,
0x91cf1cb6, 0x4121589b,
0x91e8b8d0, 0x414c992f,
0x920265e4, 0x4177cfb1,
0x921c23ef, 0x41a2fc1a,
0x9235f2ec, 0x41ce1e65,
0x924fd2d7, 0x41f93689,
0x9269c3ac, 0x42244481,
0x9283c568, 0x424f4845,
0x929dd806, 0x427a41d0,
0x92b7fb82, 0x42a5311b,
0x92d22fd9, 0x42d0161e,
0x92ec7505, 0x42faf0d4,
0x9306cb04, 0x4325c135,
0x932131d1, 0x4350873c,
0x933ba968, 0x437b42e1,
0x935631c5, 0x43a5f41e,
0x9370cae4, 0x43d09aed,
0x938b74c1, 0x43fb3746,
0x93a62f57, 0x4425c923,
0x93c0faa3, 0x4450507e,
0x93dbd6a0, 0x447acd50,
0x93f6c34a, 0x44a53f93,
0x9411c09e, 0x44cfa740,
0x942cce96, 0x44fa0450,
0x9447ed2f, 0x452456bd,
0x94631c65, 0x454e9e80,
0x947e5c33, 0x4578db93,
0x9499ac95, 0x45a30df0,
0x94b50d87, 0x45cd358f,
0x94d07f05, 0x45f7526b,
0x94ec010b, 0x4621647d,
0x95079394, 0x464b6bbe,
0x9523369c, 0x46756828,
0x953eea1e, 0x469f59b4,
0x955aae17, 0x46c9405c,
0x95768283, 0x46f31c1a,
0x9592675c, 0x471cece7,
0x95ae5c9f, 0x4746b2bc,
0x95ca6247, 0x47706d93,
0x95e67850, 0x479a1d67,
0x96029eb6, 0x47c3c22f,
0x961ed574, 0x47ed5be6,
0x963b1c86, 0x4816ea86,
0x965773e7, 0x48406e08,
0x9673db94, 0x4869e665,
0x96905388, 0x48935397,
0x96acdbbe, 0x48bcb599,
0x96c97432, 0x48e60c62,
0x96e61ce0, 0x490f57ee,
0x9702d5c3, 0x49389836,
0x971f9ed7, 0x4961cd33,
0x973c7817, 0x498af6df,
0x9759617f, 0x49b41533,
0x97765b0a, 0x49dd282a,
0x979364b5, 0x4a062fbd,
0x97b07e7a, 0x4a2f2be6,
0x97cda855, 0x4a581c9e,
0x97eae242, 0x4a8101de,
0x98082c3b, 0x4aa9dba2,
0x9825863d, 0x4ad2a9e2,
0x9842f043, 0x4afb6c98,
0x98606a49, 0x4b2423be,
0x987df449, 0x4b4ccf4d,
0x989b8e40, 0x4b756f40,
0x98b93828, 0x4b9e0390,
0x98d6f1fe, 0x4bc68c36,
0x98f4bbbc, 0x4bef092d,
0x9912955f, 0x4c177a6e,
0x99307ee0, 0x4c3fdff4,
0x994e783d, 0x4c6839b7,
0x996c816f, 0x4c9087b1,
0x998a9a74, 0x4cb8c9dd,
0x99a8c345, 0x4ce10034,
0x99c6fbde, 0x4d092ab0,
0x99e5443b, 0x4d31494b,
0x9a039c57, 0x4d595bfe,
0x9a22042d, 0x4d8162c4,
0x9a407bb9, 0x4da95d96,
0x9a5f02f5, 0x4dd14c6e,
0x9a7d99de, 0x4df92f46,
0x9a9c406e, 0x4e210617,
0x9abaf6a1, 0x4e48d0dd,
0x9ad9bc71, 0x4e708f8f,
0x9af891db, 0x4e984229,
0x9b1776da, 0x4ebfe8a5,
0x9b366b68, 0x4ee782fb,
0x9b556f81, 0x4f0f1126,
0x9b748320, 0x4f369320,
0x9b93a641, 0x4f5e08e3,
0x9bb2d8de, 0x4f857269,
0x9bd21af3, 0x4faccfab,
0x9bf16c7a, 0x4fd420a4,
0x9c10cd70, 0x4ffb654d,
0x9c303dcf, 0x50229da1,
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0xa57d8666, 0x5a82799a
/*End of File*/