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// Copyright (c) 2013 The WebRTC project authors. All Rights Reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
// that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
// tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
// in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
// be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
// This is a modification of omxSP_FFTFwd_RToCCS_S32_Sfs_s.s
// to support float instead of SC32.
// Description:
// Compute FFT for a real signal
// Include standard headers
#include "dl/api/arm/arm64COMM_s.h"
#include "dl/api/arm/omxtypes_s.h"
// Import symbols required from other files
// (For example tables)
// Set debugging level
// Guarding implementation by the processor name
// Guarding implementation by the processor name
// Import symbols required from other files
//Input Registers
#define pSrc x0
#define pDst x1
#define pTwiddle x2
#define pOut x3
#define subFFTNum x4
// Output registers
//Local Scratch Registers
#define argTwiddle x5
#define argDst x6
#define subFFTSize x7
#define N subFFTNum
#define order x14
#define step x8
#define step1 pTwiddle
#define twStep x9
#define zero w10
#define pTwiddleTmp pOut
// Neon registers
#define dX0 v0.2s
#define dX0s v0.s
#define dX0r v2.2s
#define dX0rs v2.s
#define dX0i v3.2s
#define dX0is v3.s
#define dX1r v4.2s
#define dX1i v5.2s
#define dT0 v6.2s
#define dT1 v7.2s
#define dT2 v8.2s
#define dT3 v9.2s
#define qT0 v10.2s
#define qT1 v12.2s
#define dW0r v14.2s
#define dW0r8b v14.8b
#define dW0i v15.2s
#define dW1r v16.2s
#define dW1r8b v16.8b
#define dW1i v17.2s
#define dY0r v14.2s
#define dY0i v15.2s
#define dY1r v16.2s
#define dY1i v17.2s
#define qT2 v18.2s
#define qT3 v20.2s
#define half v0.2s
#define halfs v0.s
#define dZip v21.2s
#define dZip8b v21.8b
// Allocate stack memory required by the function
// Write function header
M_START ComplexToRealFixup,,d15
asr N, N, #1
clz order, subFFTNum // N = 2^order
rsb order,order,#63
MOV subFFTSize,subFFTNum // subFFTSize = N/2
//MOV subFFTNum,N
mov argDst, pDst
mov argTwiddle, pTwiddle
// F(0) = 1/2[Z(0) + Z'(0)] - j [Z(0) - Z'(0)]
// 1/2[(a+jb) + (a-jb)] - j [(a+jb) - (a-jb)]
// 1/2[2a+j0] - j [0+j2b]
// (a+b, 0)
// F(N/2) = 1/2[Z(0) + Z'(0)] + j [Z(0) - Z'(0)]
// 1/2[(a+jb) + (a-jb)] + j [(a+jb) - (a-jb)]
// 1/2[2a+j0] + j [0+j2b]
// (a-b, 0)
// F(0) and F(N/2)
ld2 {dX0rs,dX0is}[0],[pSrc], #8
MOV zero,#0
mov dX0rs[1],zero
lsl step,subFFTSize, #3 // step = N/2 * 8 bytes
mov dX0is[1],zero
// twStep = 3N/8 * 8 bytes pointing to W^1
SUB twStep,step,subFFTSize,LSL #1
fadd dY0r,dX0r,dX0i // F(0) = ((Z0.r+Z0.i) , 0)
lsl step1,subFFTSize, #2 // step1 = N/2 * 4 bytes
fsub dY0i,dX0r,dX0i // F(N/2) = ((Z0.r-Z0.i) , 0)
SUBS subFFTSize,subFFTSize,#2
st1 {dY0r},[argDst],step
ADD pTwiddleTmp,argTwiddle,#8 // W^2
st1 {dY0i},[argDst], #8
ADD argTwiddle,argTwiddle,twStep // W^1
// dup dzero,zero
SUB argDst,argDst,step
BEQ lastElement
SUB step,step,#24
SUB step1,step1,#8 // (N/4-1)*8 bytes
// F(k) = 1/2[Z(k) + Z'(N/2-k)] -j*W^(k) [Z(k) - Z'(N/2-k)]
// Note: W^k is stored as negative values in the table
// Process 4 elements at a time. E.g: F(1),F(2) and F(N/2-2),F(N/2-1)
// since both of them require Z(1),Z(2) and Z(N/2-2),Z(N/2-1)
fmov half, #0.5
ld1 {dW0r},[argTwiddle],step1
ld1 {dW1r},[argTwiddle], #8
ld2 {dX0r,dX0i},[pSrc],step
SUB argTwiddle,argTwiddle,step1
ld2 {dX1r,dX1i},[pSrc], #16
SUB step1,step1,#8 // (N/4-2)*8 bytes
ld1 {dW0i},[pTwiddleTmp],step1
ld1 {dW1i},[pTwiddleTmp], #8
SUB pSrc,pSrc,step
SUB pTwiddleTmp,pTwiddleTmp,step1
rev64 dX1r,dX1r
rev64 dX1i,dX1i
SUBS subFFTSize,subFFTSize,#4
fsub dT2,dX0r,dX1r // a-c
SUB step1,step1,#8
fadd dT0,dX0r,dX1r // a+c
fsub dT1,dX0i,dX1i // b-d
fadd dT3,dX0i,dX1i // b+d
fmul dT0,dT0,halfs[0]
fmul dT1,dT1,halfs[0]
// VZIP dW1r,dW1i
// VZIP dW0r,dW0i
zip1 dZip, dW1r, dW1i
zip2 dW1i, dW1r, dW1i
mov dW1r8b, dZip8b
zip1 dZip, dW0r, dW0i
zip2 dW0i, dW0r, dW0i
mov dW0r8b, dZip8b
fmul qT0,dW1r,dT2
fmul qT1,dW1r,dT3
fmul qT2,dW0r,dT2
fmul qT3,dW0r,dT3
fmla qT0,dW1i,dT3
fmls qT1,dW1i,dT2
fmls qT2,dW0i,dT3
fmla qT3,dW0i,dT2
fmul dX1r,qT0,halfs[0]
fmul dX1i,qT1,halfs[0]
fsub dY1r,dT0,dX1i // F(N/2 -1)
fadd dY1i,dT1,dX1r
fneg dY1i,dY1i
rev64 dY1r,dY1r
rev64 dY1i,dY1i
fmul dX0r,qT2,halfs[0]
fmul dX0i,qT3,halfs[0]
fsub dY0r,dT0,dX0i // F(1)
fadd dY0i,dT1,dX0r
st2 {dY0r,dY0i},[argDst],step
st2 {dY1r,dY1i},[argDst], #16
SUB argDst,argDst,step
SUB step,step,#32 // (N/2-4)*8 bytes
BGT evenOddButterflyLoop
// set both the ptrs to the last element
SUB pSrc,pSrc,#8
SUB argDst,argDst,#8
// Last element can be expanded as follows
// 1/2[Z(k) + Z'(k)] + j w^k [Z(k) - Z'(k)]
// 1/2[(a+jb) + (a-jb)] + j w^k [(a+jb) - (a-jb)]
// 1/2[2a+j0] + j (c+jd) [0+j2b]
// (a-bc, -bd)
// Since (c,d) = (0,1) for the last element, result is just (a,-b)
ld1 {dX0r},[pSrc]
st1 {dX0rs}[0],[argDst], #4
fneg dX0r,dX0r
st1 {dX0rs}[1],[argDst], #4
// Write function tail