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* Copyright 2016 The WebRTC Project Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "absl/strings/string_view.h"
#include "absl/types/optional.h"
#include "api/candidate.h"
#include "api/rtc_error.h"
#include "api/transport/enums.h"
#include "p2p/base/connection.h"
#include "p2p/base/packet_transport_internal.h"
#include "p2p/base/port.h"
#include "p2p/base/stun_dictionary.h"
#include "p2p/base/transport_description.h"
#include "rtc_base/network_constants.h"
#include "rtc_base/system/rtc_export.h"
#include "rtc_base/third_party/sigslot/sigslot.h"
#include "rtc_base/time_utils.h"
namespace cricket {
struct IceTransportStats {
CandidateStatsList candidate_stats_list;
ConnectionInfos connection_infos;
// Number of times the selected candidate pair has changed
// Initially 0 and 1 once the first candidate pair has been selected.
// The counter is increase also when "unselecting" a connection.
uint32_t selected_candidate_pair_changes = 0;
// Bytes/packets sent/received.
// note: Is not the same as sum(connection_infos.bytes_sent)
// as connections are created and destroyed while the ICE transport
// is alive.
uint64_t bytes_sent = 0;
uint64_t bytes_received = 0;
uint64_t packets_sent = 0;
uint64_t packets_received = 0;
IceRole ice_role = ICEROLE_UNKNOWN;
std::string ice_local_username_fragment;
webrtc::IceTransportState ice_state = webrtc::IceTransportState::kNew;
typedef std::vector<Candidate> Candidates;
enum IceConnectionState {
kIceConnectionConnecting = 0,
kIceConnectionConnected, // Writable, but still checking one or more
// connections
// TODO(deadbeef): Unify with PeerConnectionInterface::IceConnectionState
// once /talk/ and /webrtc/ are combined, and also switch to ENUM_NAME naming
// style.
enum IceGatheringState {
kIceGatheringNew = 0,
enum ContinualGatheringPolicy {
// All port allocator sessions will stop after a writable connection is found.
// The most recent port allocator session will keep on running.
// ICE Nomination mode.
enum class NominationMode {
REGULAR, // Nominate once per ICE restart (Not implemented yet).
AGGRESSIVE, // Nominate every connection except that it will behave as if
// REGULAR when the remote is an ICE-LITE endpoint.
SEMI_AGGRESSIVE // Our current implementation of the nomination algorithm.
// The details are described in P2PTransportChannel.
// Utility method that checks if various required Candidate fields are filled in
// and contain valid values. If conditions are not met, an RTCError with the
// appropriated error number and description is returned. If the configuration
// is valid RTCError::OK() is returned.
webrtc::RTCError VerifyCandidate(const Candidate& cand);
// Runs through a list of cricket::Candidate instances and calls VerifyCandidate
// for each one, stopping on the first error encounted and returning that error
// value if so. On success returns RTCError::OK().
webrtc::RTCError VerifyCandidates(const Candidates& candidates);
// Information about ICE configuration.
// TODO(deadbeef): Use absl::optional to represent unset values, instead of
// -1.
// TODO( Define a public API for this.
struct RTC_EXPORT IceConfig {
// The ICE connection receiving timeout value in milliseconds.
absl::optional<int> receiving_timeout;
// Time interval in milliseconds to ping a backup connection when the ICE
// channel is strongly connected.
absl::optional<int> backup_connection_ping_interval;
ContinualGatheringPolicy continual_gathering_policy = GATHER_ONCE;
bool gather_continually() const {
return continual_gathering_policy == GATHER_CONTINUALLY;
// Whether we should prioritize Relay/Relay candidate when nothing
// is writable yet.
bool prioritize_most_likely_candidate_pairs = false;
// Writable connections are pinged at a slower rate once stablized.
absl::optional<int> stable_writable_connection_ping_interval;
// If set to true, this means the ICE transport should presume TURN-to-TURN
// candidate pairs will succeed, even before a binding response is received.
bool presume_writable_when_fully_relayed = false;
// If true, after the ICE transport type (as the candidate filter used by the
// port allocator) is changed such that new types of ICE candidates are
// allowed by the new filter, e.g. from CF_RELAY to CF_ALL, candidates that
// have been gathered by the ICE transport but filtered out and not signaled
// to the upper layers, will be surfaced.
bool surface_ice_candidates_on_ice_transport_type_changed = false;
// Interval to check on all networks and to perform ICE regathering on any
// active network having no connection on it.
absl::optional<int> regather_on_failed_networks_interval;
// The time period in which we will not switch the selected connection
// when a new connection becomes receiving but the selected connection is not
// in case that the selected connection may become receiving soon.
absl::optional<int> receiving_switching_delay;
// TODO(honghaiz): Change the default to regular nomination.
// Default nomination mode if the remote does not support renomination.
NominationMode default_nomination_mode = NominationMode::SEMI_AGGRESSIVE;
// The interval in milliseconds at which ICE checks (STUN pings) will be sent
// for a candidate pair when it is both writable and receiving (strong
// connectivity). This parameter overrides the default value given by
// `STRONG_PING_INTERVAL` in p2ptransport.h if set.
absl::optional<int> ice_check_interval_strong_connectivity;
// The interval in milliseconds at which ICE checks (STUN pings) will be sent
// for a candidate pair when it is either not writable or not receiving (weak
// connectivity). This parameter overrides the default value given by
// `WEAK_PING_INTERVAL` in p2ptransport.h if set.
absl::optional<int> ice_check_interval_weak_connectivity;
// ICE checks (STUN pings) will not be sent at higher rate (lower interval)
// than this, no matter what other settings there are.
// Measure in milliseconds.
// Note that this parameter overrides both the above check intervals for
// candidate pairs with strong or weak connectivity, if either of the above
// interval is shorter than the min interval.
absl::optional<int> ice_check_min_interval;
// The min time period for which a candidate pair must wait for response to
// connectivity checks before it becomes unwritable. This parameter
// overrides the default value given by `CONNECTION_WRITE_CONNECT_TIMEOUT`
// in port.h if set, when determining the writability of a candidate pair.
absl::optional<int> ice_unwritable_timeout;
// The min number of connectivity checks that a candidate pair must sent
// without receiving response before it becomes unwritable. This parameter
// overrides the default value given by `CONNECTION_WRITE_CONNECT_FAILURES` in
// port.h if set, when determining the writability of a candidate pair.
absl::optional<int> ice_unwritable_min_checks;
// The min time period for which a candidate pair must wait for response to
// connectivity checks it becomes inactive. This parameter overrides the
// default value given by `CONNECTION_WRITE_TIMEOUT` in port.h if set, when
// determining the writability of a candidate pair.
absl::optional<int> ice_inactive_timeout;
// The interval in milliseconds at which STUN candidates will resend STUN
// binding requests to keep NAT bindings open.
absl::optional<int> stun_keepalive_interval;
absl::optional<rtc::AdapterType> network_preference;
webrtc::VpnPreference vpn_preference = webrtc::VpnPreference::kDefault;
IceConfig(int receiving_timeout_ms,
int backup_connection_ping_interval,
ContinualGatheringPolicy gathering_policy,
bool prioritize_most_likely_candidate_pairs,
int stable_writable_connection_ping_interval_ms,
bool presume_writable_when_fully_relayed,
int regather_on_failed_networks_interval_ms,
int receiving_switching_delay_ms);
// Helper getters for parameters with implementation-specific default value.
// By convention, parameters with default value are represented by
// absl::optional and setting a parameter to null restores its default value.
int receiving_timeout_or_default() const;
int backup_connection_ping_interval_or_default() const;
int stable_writable_connection_ping_interval_or_default() const;
int regather_on_failed_networks_interval_or_default() const;
int receiving_switching_delay_or_default() const;
int ice_check_interval_strong_connectivity_or_default() const;
int ice_check_interval_weak_connectivity_or_default() const;
int ice_check_min_interval_or_default() const;
int ice_unwritable_timeout_or_default() const;
int ice_unwritable_min_checks_or_default() const;
int ice_inactive_timeout_or_default() const;
int stun_keepalive_interval_or_default() const;
// TODO(zhihuang): Replace this with
// PeerConnectionInterface::IceConnectionState.
enum class IceTransportState {
STATE_CONNECTING, // Will enter this state once a connection is created
// IceTransportInternal is an internal abstract class that does ICE.
// Once the public interface is supported,
// (
// the IceTransportInterface will be split from this class.
// TODO( Define a public API for this.
class RTC_EXPORT IceTransportInternal : public rtc::PacketTransportInternal {
~IceTransportInternal() override;
// TODO( Remove GetState once all uses have been
// migrated to GetIceTransportState.
virtual IceTransportState GetState() const = 0;
virtual webrtc::IceTransportState GetIceTransportState() const = 0;
virtual int component() const = 0;
virtual IceRole GetIceRole() const = 0;
virtual void SetIceRole(IceRole role) = 0;
virtual void SetIceTiebreaker(uint64_t tiebreaker) = 0;
virtual void SetIceCredentials(absl::string_view ice_ufrag,
absl::string_view ice_pwd);
virtual void SetRemoteIceCredentials(absl::string_view ice_ufrag,
absl::string_view ice_pwd);
// The ufrag and pwd in `ice_params` must be set
// before candidate gathering can start.
virtual void SetIceParameters(const IceParameters& ice_params) = 0;
virtual void SetRemoteIceParameters(const IceParameters& ice_params) = 0;
virtual void SetRemoteIceMode(IceMode mode) = 0;
virtual void SetIceConfig(const IceConfig& config) = 0;
// Start gathering candidates if not already started, or if an ICE restart
// occurred.
virtual void MaybeStartGathering() = 0;
virtual void AddRemoteCandidate(const Candidate& candidate) = 0;
virtual void RemoveRemoteCandidate(const Candidate& candidate) = 0;
virtual void RemoveAllRemoteCandidates() = 0;
virtual IceGatheringState gathering_state() const = 0;
// Returns the current stats for this connection.
virtual bool GetStats(IceTransportStats* ice_transport_stats) = 0;
// Returns RTT estimate over the currently active connection, or an empty
// absl::optional if there is none.
virtual absl::optional<int> GetRttEstimate() = 0;
// TODO(qingsi): Remove this method once Chrome does not depend on it anymore.
virtual const Connection* selected_connection() const = 0;
// Returns the selected candidate pair, or an empty absl::optional if there is
// none.
virtual absl::optional<const CandidatePair> GetSelectedCandidatePair()
const = 0;
virtual absl::optional<std::reference_wrapper<StunDictionaryWriter>>
GetDictionaryWriter() {
return absl::nullopt;
// Signal Exposed for backwards compatibility.
sigslot::signal1<IceTransportInternal*> SignalGatheringState;
void SetGatheringStateCallback(
absl::AnyInvocable<void(IceTransportInternal*)> callback) {
gathering_state_callback_ = std::move(callback);
// Handles sending and receiving of candidates.
sigslot::signal2<IceTransportInternal*, const Candidate&>
void SetCandidateErrorCallback(
const IceCandidateErrorEvent&)> callback) {
candidate_error_callback_ = std::move(callback);
void SetCandidatesRemovedCallback(
absl::AnyInvocable<void(IceTransportInternal*, const Candidates&)>
callback) {
candidates_removed_callback_ = std::move(callback);
// Deprecated by PacketTransportInternal::SignalNetworkRouteChanged.
// This signal occurs when there is a change in the way that packets are
// being routed, i.e. to a different remote location. The candidate
// indicates where and how we are currently sending media.
// TODO(zhihuang): Update the Chrome remoting to use the new
// SignalNetworkRouteChanged.
sigslot::signal2<IceTransportInternal*, const Candidate&> SignalRouteChange;
void SetCandidatePairChangeCallback(
absl::AnyInvocable<void(const cricket::CandidatePairChangeEvent&)>
callback) {
candidate_pair_change_callback_ = std::move(callback);
// Invoked when there is conflict in the ICE role between local and remote
// agents.
sigslot::signal1<IceTransportInternal*> SignalRoleConflict;
// Emitted whenever the transport state changed.
// TODO( Remove once all uses have migrated to the new
// IceTransportState.
sigslot::signal1<IceTransportInternal*> SignalStateChanged;
// Emitted whenever the new standards-compliant transport state changed.
sigslot::signal1<IceTransportInternal*> SignalIceTransportStateChanged;
// Invoked when the transport is being destroyed.
sigslot::signal1<IceTransportInternal*> SignalDestroyed;
// Invoked when remote dictionary has been updated,
// i.e. modifications to attributes from remote ice agent has
// reflected in our StunDictionaryView.
template <typename F>
void AddDictionaryViewUpdatedCallback(const void* tag, F&& callback) {
tag, std::forward<F>(callback));
void RemoveDictionaryViewUpdatedCallback(const void* tag) {
// Invoked when local dictionary has been synchronized,
// i.e. remote ice agent has reported acknowledged updates from us.
template <typename F>
void AddDictionaryWriterSyncedCallback(const void* tag, F&& callback) {
tag, std::forward<F>(callback));
void RemoveDictionaryWriterSyncedCallback(const void* tag) {
void SendGatheringStateEvent() { SignalGatheringState(this); }
const StunDictionaryView&,
webrtc::CallbackList<IceTransportInternal*, const StunDictionaryWriter&>
absl::AnyInvocable<void(IceTransportInternal*)> gathering_state_callback_;
absl::AnyInvocable<void(IceTransportInternal*, const IceCandidateErrorEvent&)>
absl::AnyInvocable<void(IceTransportInternal*, const Candidates&)>
absl::AnyInvocable<void(const cricket::CandidatePairChangeEvent&)>
// TODO( remove when removing Signal
void SignalGatheringStateFired(IceTransportInternal* transport) {
if (gathering_state_callback_) {
} // namespace cricket