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* Copyright 2004 The WebRTC Project Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
#include <memory>
#include "webrtc/libjingle/xmpp/moduleimpl.h"
#include "webrtc/libjingle/xmpp/rostermodule.h"
namespace buzz {
//! Presence Information
//! This class stores both presence information for outgoing presence and is
//! returned by methods in XmppRosterModule to represent received incoming
//! presence information. When this class is writeable (non-const) then each
//! update to any property will set the inner xml. Setting the raw_xml will
//! rederive all of the other properties.
class XmppPresenceImpl : public XmppPresence {
virtual ~XmppPresenceImpl() {}
//! The from Jid of for the presence information.
//! Typically this will be a full Jid with resource specified. For outgoing
//! presence this should remain JID_NULL and will be scrubbed from the
//! stanza when being sent.
virtual const Jid jid() const;
//! Is the contact available?
virtual XmppPresenceAvailable available() const;
//! Sets if the user is available or not
virtual XmppReturnStatus set_available(XmppPresenceAvailable available);
//! The show value of the presence info
virtual XmppPresenceShow presence_show() const;
//! Set the presence show value
virtual XmppReturnStatus set_presence_show(XmppPresenceShow show);
//! The Priority of the presence info
virtual int priority() const;
//! Set the priority of the presence
virtual XmppReturnStatus set_priority(int priority);
//! The plain text status of the presence info.
//! If there are multiple status because of language, this will either be a
//! status that is not tagged for language or the first available
virtual const std::string status() const;
//! Sets the status for the presence info.
//! If there is more than one status present already then this will remove
//! them all and replace it with one status element we no specified language
virtual XmppReturnStatus set_status(const std::string& status);
//! The connection status
virtual XmppPresenceConnectionStatus connection_status() const;
//! The focus obfuscated GAIA id
virtual const std::string google_user_id() const;
//! The nickname in the presence
virtual const std::string nickname() const;
//! The raw xml of the presence update
virtual const XmlElement* raw_xml() const;
//! Sets the raw presence stanza for the presence update
//! This will cause all other data items in this structure to be rederived
virtual XmppReturnStatus set_raw_xml(const XmlElement * xml);
friend class XmppPresence;
friend class XmppRosterModuleImpl;
void CreateRawXmlSkeleton();
// Store everything in the XML element. If this becomes a perf issue we can
// cache the data.
std::unique_ptr<XmlElement> raw_xml_;
//! A contact as given by the server
class XmppRosterContactImpl : public XmppRosterContact {
virtual ~XmppRosterContactImpl() {}
//! The jid for the contact.
//! Typically this will be a bare Jid.
virtual const Jid jid() const;
//! Sets the jid for the roster contact update
virtual XmppReturnStatus set_jid(const Jid& jid);
//! The name (nickname) stored for this contact
virtual const std::string name() const;
//! Sets the name
virtual XmppReturnStatus set_name(const std::string& name);
//! The Presence subscription state stored on the server for this contact
//! This is never settable and will be ignored when generating a roster
//! add/update request
virtual XmppSubscriptionState subscription_state() const;
//! The number of Groups applied to this contact
virtual size_t GetGroupCount() const;
//! Gets a Group applied to the contact based on index.
virtual const std::string GetGroup(size_t index) const;
//! Adds a group to this contact.
//! This will return a no error if the group is already present.
virtual XmppReturnStatus AddGroup(const std::string& group);
//! Removes a group from the contact.
//! This will return no error if the group isn't there
virtual XmppReturnStatus RemoveGroup(const std::string& group);
//! The raw xml for this roster contact
virtual const XmlElement* raw_xml() const;
//! Sets the raw presence stanza for the presence update
//! This will cause all other data items in this structure to be rederived
virtual XmppReturnStatus set_raw_xml(const XmlElement * xml);
void CreateRawXmlSkeleton();
void SetXmlFromWire(const XmlElement * xml);
void ResetGroupCache();
bool FindGroup(const std::string& group,
XmlElement** element,
XmlChild** child_before);
friend class XmppRosterContact;
friend class XmppRosterModuleImpl;
int group_count_;
int group_index_returned_;
XmlElement * group_returned_;
std::unique_ptr<XmlElement> raw_xml_;
//! An XmppModule for handle roster and presence functionality
class XmppRosterModuleImpl : public XmppModuleImpl,
public XmppRosterModule, public XmppIqHandler {
virtual ~XmppRosterModuleImpl();
//! Sets the roster handler (callbacks) for the module
virtual XmppReturnStatus set_roster_handler(XmppRosterHandler * handler);
//! Gets the roster handler for the module
virtual XmppRosterHandler* roster_handler();
// USER PRESENCE STATE -------------------------------------------------------
//! Gets the aggregate outgoing presence
//! This object is non-const and be edited directly. No update is sent
//! to the server until a Broadcast is sent
virtual XmppPresence* outgoing_presence();
//! Broadcasts that the user is available.
//! Nothing with respect to presence is sent until this is called.
virtual XmppReturnStatus BroadcastPresence();
//! Sends a directed presence to a Jid
//! Note that the client doesn't store where directed presence notifications
//! have been sent. The server can keep the appropriate state
virtual XmppReturnStatus SendDirectedPresence(const XmppPresence* presence,
const Jid& to_jid);
// INCOMING PRESENCE STATUS --------------------------------------------------
//! Returns the number of incoming presence data recorded
virtual size_t GetIncomingPresenceCount();
//! Returns an incoming presence datum based on index
virtual const XmppPresence* GetIncomingPresence(size_t index);
//! Gets the number of presence data for a bare Jid
//! There may be a datum per resource
virtual size_t GetIncomingPresenceForJidCount(const Jid& jid);
//! Returns a single presence data for a Jid based on index
virtual const XmppPresence* GetIncomingPresenceForJid(const Jid& jid,
size_t index);
// ROSTER MANAGEMENT ---------------------------------------------------------
//! Requests an update of the roster from the server
//! This must be called to initialize the client side cache of the roster
//! After this is sent the server should keep this module apprised of any
//! changes.
virtual XmppReturnStatus RequestRosterUpdate();
//! Returns the number of contacts in the roster
virtual size_t GetRosterContactCount();
//! Returns a contact by index
virtual const XmppRosterContact* GetRosterContact(size_t index);
//! Finds a contact by Jid
virtual const XmppRosterContact* FindRosterContact(const Jid& jid);
//! Send a request to the server to add a contact
//! Note that the contact won't show up in the roster until the server can
//! respond. This happens async when the socket is being serviced
virtual XmppReturnStatus RequestRosterChange(
const XmppRosterContact* contact);
//! Request that the server remove a contact
//! The jabber protocol specifies that the server should also cancel any
//! subscriptions when this is done. Like adding, this contact won't be
//! removed until the server responds.
virtual XmppReturnStatus RequestRosterRemove(const Jid& jid);
// SUBSCRIPTION MANAGEMENT ---------------------------------------------------
//! Request a subscription to presence notifications form a Jid
virtual XmppReturnStatus RequestSubscription(const Jid& jid);
//! Cancel a subscription to presence notifications from a Jid
virtual XmppReturnStatus CancelSubscription(const Jid& jid);
//! Approve a request to deliver presence notifications to a jid
virtual XmppReturnStatus ApproveSubscriber(const Jid& jid);
//! Deny or cancel presence notification deliver to a jid
virtual XmppReturnStatus CancelSubscriber(const Jid& jid);
// XmppIqHandler IMPLEMENTATION ----------------------------------------------
virtual void IqResponse(XmppIqCookie cookie, const XmlElement * stanza);
// XmppModuleImpl OVERRIDES --------------------------------------------------
virtual bool HandleStanza(const XmlElement *);
// PRIVATE DATA --------------------------------------------------------------
friend class XmppRosterModule;
// Helper functions
void DeleteIncomingPresence();
void DeleteContacts();
XmppReturnStatus SendSubscriptionRequest(const Jid& jid,
const std::string& type);
void InternalSubscriptionRequest(const Jid& jid, const XmlElement* stanza,
XmppSubscriptionRequestType request_type);
void InternalIncomingPresence(const Jid& jid, const XmlElement* stanza);
void InternalIncomingPresenceError(const Jid& jid, const XmlElement* stanza);
void InternalRosterItems(const XmlElement* stanza);
// Member data
XmppPresenceImpl outgoing_presence_;
XmppRosterHandler* roster_handler_;
typedef std::vector<XmppPresenceImpl*> PresenceVector;
typedef std::map<Jid, PresenceVector*> JidPresenceVectorMap;
std::unique_ptr<JidPresenceVectorMap> incoming_presence_map_;
std::unique_ptr<PresenceVector> incoming_presence_vector_;
typedef std::vector<XmppRosterContactImpl*> ContactVector;
std::unique_ptr<ContactVector> contacts_;