Add a new test binary

This page lists all the steps needed in order to add an rtc_test target to WebRTC's files and ensure the test binary will run on the presubmit and postsubmit infrastructure.

  1. While working on your CL, add an rtc_test target, with testonly = true, and ../test:test_main among its dependencies (rtc_test targets require a main() function).

  2. Add the newly created rtc_test target to the group("default") target in the root The target needs to be added within the rtc_include_tests section.

  3. Add the name of the newly created rtc_test into infra/specs/gn_isolate_map.pyl.

  4. Add the name of the newly created rtc_test into infra/specs/test_suites.pyl. By default, you should add it to the android_tests, desktop_tests and ios_simulator_tests sections.

  5. Run the script infra/specs/ (no arguments) to generate the JSON scripts based on the previsouly modified .pyl scripts.

  6. Build, test, review and submit!

The bots will execute the new configs as part of the CQ. Inspect some logs to verify that your test is in fact executed by the bots where you expect them to be.

The details of the (many) config files are described in