Release notes

This document contains pointers to the WebRTC release notes for each Chrome release. The release notes are posted to the discuss-webrtc mailing list before the release.

Release note generation

Release notes are generated by taking the git log between the respective release branches using

git log branch-heads/5672..branch-heads/5735

and finding monorail issues associated with the BUG= line extracted from the git log as

grep -i 'Bug[:=]' | sed 's/^ *//g' | grep -i ^Bug | sort -n | uniq

that have been marked as Fixed or Verified. This should be done between the branch date and the release date in order to account for “late” merges.

For WebRTC, all files in the repository are taken into account. For Chromium, the following directories are considered:

  • third_party/blink/renderer/modules/peerconnection/
  • third_party/blink/renderer/platform/peerconnection/
  • third_party/blink/renderer/platform/p2p/
  • third_party/blink/renderer/modules/mediastream/
  • third_party/blink/renderer/modules/webrtc
  • third_party/blink/renderer/modules/breakout_box
  • content/browser/webrtc/

Some manual filtering is done to remove issues associated with build changes, tests and trivial code changes.

Current release

To find out the current release and schedule, refer to the chromium dashboard.

To find a branch associated with a particular release, refer to the list of branches.

List of releases