Native logs are often valuable in order to debug issues that can't be easily reproduced. Following are instructions for gathering logs on various platforms.

To enable native logs for a native application, you can either:

  • Use a debug build of WebRTC (a build where NDEBUG is not defined), which will enable INFO logging by default.

  • Call rtc::LogMessage::LogToDebug(rtc::LS_INFO) within your application. Or use LS_VERBOSE to enable VERBOSE logging.

For the location of the log output on different platforms, see below.


Logged to Android system log. Can be obtained using:

adb logcat -s "libjingle"

To enable the logging in a non-debug build from Java code, use Logging.enableLogToDebugOutput(Logging.Severity.LS_INFO).


Only logged to stderr by default. To log to a file, use RTCFileLogger.


For debug builds of WebRTC (builds where NDEBUG is not defined), logs to stderr. To do this for release builds as well, set a boolean preference named ‘logToStderr’ to true for your application. Or, use RTCFileLogger to log to a file.


Logs to the debugger and stderr.

Linux/Other Platforms

Logs to stderr.