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* Copyright 2004 The WebRTC Project Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <list>
#include <memory>
#include "absl/algorithm/container.h"
#include "absl/memory/memory.h"
#include "rtc_base/async_packet_socket.h"
#include "rtc_base/async_tcp_socket.h"
#include "rtc_base/network/received_packet.h"
#include "rtc_base/socket.h"
#include "rtc_base/socket_address.h"
#include "rtc_base/third_party/sigslot/sigslot.h"
#include "rtc_base/thread.h"
namespace rtc {
// A test echo server, echoes back any packets sent to it.
// Useful for unit tests.
class TestEchoServer : public sigslot::has_slots<> {
TestEchoServer(Thread* thread, const SocketAddress& addr);
~TestEchoServer() override;
TestEchoServer(const TestEchoServer&) = delete;
TestEchoServer& operator=(const TestEchoServer&) = delete;
SocketAddress address() const { return server_socket_->GetLocalAddress(); }
void OnAccept(Socket* socket) {
Socket* raw_socket = socket->Accept(nullptr);
if (raw_socket) {
AsyncTCPSocket* packet_socket = new AsyncTCPSocket(raw_socket);
[&](rtc::AsyncPacketSocket* socket,
const rtc::ReceivedPacket& packet) { OnPacket(socket, packet); });
this, [this](AsyncPacketSocket* s, int err) { OnClose(s, err); });
void OnPacket(AsyncPacketSocket* socket, const rtc::ReceivedPacket& packet) {
rtc::PacketOptions options;
socket->Send(packet.payload().data(), packet.payload().size(), options);
void OnClose(AsyncPacketSocket* socket, int err) {
ClientList::iterator it = absl::c_find(client_sockets_, socket);
// `OnClose` is triggered by socket Close callback, deleting `socket` while
// processing that callback might be unsafe.
Thread::Current()->PostTask([socket = absl::WrapUnique(socket)] {});
typedef std::list<AsyncTCPSocket*> ClientList;
std::unique_ptr<Socket> server_socket_;
ClientList client_sockets_;
} // namespace rtc