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This directory holds a Java implementation of the webrtc::PeerConnection API, as
well as the JNI glue C++ code that lets the Java implementation reuse the C++
implementation of the same API.
To build the Java API and related tests, make sure you have a WebRTC checkout
with Android specific parts. This can be used for linux development as well by
configuring gn appropriately, as it is a superset of the webrtc checkout:
fetch --nohooks webrtc_android
gclient sync
You also must generate GN projects with:
--args='target_os="android" target_cpu="arm"'
More information on getting the code, compiling and running the AppRTCMobile
app can be found at:
To use the Java API, start by looking at the public interface of
org.webrtc.PeerConnection{,Factory} and the org.webrtc.PeerConnectionTest.
To understand the implementation of the API, see the native code in src/jni/pc/.