Video Content Type

The Video Content Type extension is used to communicate a video content type from sender to receiver of rtp video stream. Contact for more info.

Name: “Video Content Type” ; “RTP Header Extension for Video Content Type”

Formal name:

SDP “a= name”: “video-content-type” ; this is also used in client/cloud signaling.

Wire format: 1-byte extension, 1 bytes of data. total 2 bytes extra per packet (plus shared 4 bytes for all extensions present: 2 byte magic word 0xBEDE, 2 byte # of extensions).


  • 0x00: Unspecified. Default value. Treated the same as an absence of an extension.
  • 0x01: Screenshare. Video stream is of a screenshare type.

Notes: Extension should be present only in the last packet of key-frames. If attached to other packets it should be ignored. If extension is absent, Unspecified value is assumed.