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This file explains how to get the dependencies needed for the barcode tools.
This script depends on:
* Zxing (Java version)
* Ant (must be installed manually)
* Java
To automatically download Zxing for the encoder script, checkout this directory
as a separate gclient solution, like this:
gclient config
gclient sync
Then the Zxing Java source code will be put in third_party/zxing.
In order to run you then need to build:
* zxing/core/core.jar
* zxing/javase/javase.jar
These are compiled using Ant by running
For more info about Zxing, see
This script depends on:
* Zxing (C++ version). You need to checkout from Subversion and build the libs
and zxing SCons targets. SVN URL:
* FFMPEG fmpeg 0.11.1
These dependencies must be precompiled separately before running the script.
Make sure to add FFMPEG to the PATH environment variable and provide the path
to the zxing executable using the mandatory command line flag to the script.