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* Copyright (c) 2014 The WebRTC project authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include "webrtc/modules/video_coding/codecs/vp9/include/vp9.h"
#include "webrtc/modules/video_coding/codecs/vp9/vp9_frame_buffer_pool.h"
#include "vpx/vp8cx.h"
#include "vpx/vpx_decoder.h"
#include "vpx/vpx_encoder.h"
namespace webrtc {
class ScreenshareLayersVP9;
class VP9EncoderImpl : public VP9Encoder {
virtual ~VP9EncoderImpl();
int Release() override;
int InitEncode(const VideoCodec* codec_settings,
int number_of_cores,
size_t max_payload_size) override;
int Encode(const VideoFrame& input_image,
const CodecSpecificInfo* codec_specific_info,
const std::vector<FrameType>* frame_types) override;
int RegisterEncodeCompleteCallback(EncodedImageCallback* callback) override;
int SetChannelParameters(uint32_t packet_loss, int64_t rtt) override;
int SetRateAllocation(const BitrateAllocation& bitrate_allocation,
uint32_t frame_rate) override;
const char* ImplementationName() const override;
struct LayerFrameRefSettings {
int8_t upd_buf = -1; // -1 - no update, 0..7 - update buffer 0..7
int8_t ref_buf1 = -1; // -1 - no reference, 0..7 - reference buffer 0..7
int8_t ref_buf2 = -1; // -1 - no reference, 0..7 - reference buffer 0..7
int8_t ref_buf3 = -1; // -1 - no reference, 0..7 - reference buffer 0..7
struct SuperFrameRefSettings {
LayerFrameRefSettings layer[kMaxVp9NumberOfSpatialLayers];
uint8_t start_layer = 0; // The first spatial layer to be encoded.
uint8_t stop_layer = 0; // The last spatial layer to be encoded.
bool is_keyframe = false;
// Determine number of encoder threads to use.
int NumberOfThreads(int width, int height, int number_of_cores);
// Call encoder initialize function and set control settings.
int InitAndSetControlSettings(const VideoCodec* inst);
void PopulateCodecSpecific(CodecSpecificInfo* codec_specific,
const vpx_codec_cx_pkt& pkt,
uint32_t timestamp);
bool ExplicitlyConfiguredSpatialLayers() const;
bool SetSvcRates();
// Used for flexible mode to set the flags and buffer references used
// by the encoder. Also calculates the references used by the RTP
// packetizer.
// Has to be called for every frame (keyframes included) to update the
// state used to calculate references.
vpx_svc_ref_frame_config GenerateRefsAndFlags(
const SuperFrameRefSettings& settings);
virtual int GetEncodedLayerFrame(const vpx_codec_cx_pkt* pkt);
// Callback function for outputting packets per spatial layer.
static void EncoderOutputCodedPacketCallback(vpx_codec_cx_pkt* pkt,
void* user_data);
// Determine maximum target for Intra frames
// Input:
// - optimal_buffer_size : Optimal buffer size
// Return Value : Max target size for Intra frames represented as
// percentage of the per frame bandwidth
uint32_t MaxIntraTarget(uint32_t optimal_buffer_size);
EncodedImage encoded_image_;
EncodedImageCallback* encoded_complete_callback_;
VideoCodec codec_;
bool inited_;
int64_t timestamp_;
int cpu_speed_;
uint32_t rc_max_intra_target_;
vpx_codec_ctx_t* encoder_;
vpx_codec_enc_cfg_t* config_;
vpx_image_t* raw_;
vpx_svc_extra_cfg_t svc_params_;
const VideoFrame* input_image_;
GofInfoVP9 gof_; // Contains each frame's temporal information for
// non-flexible mode.
size_t frames_since_kf_;
uint8_t num_temporal_layers_;
uint8_t num_spatial_layers_;
// Used for flexible mode.
bool is_flexible_mode_;
int64_t buffer_updated_at_frame_[kNumVp9Buffers];
int64_t frames_encoded_;
uint8_t num_ref_pics_[kMaxVp9NumberOfSpatialLayers];
uint8_t p_diff_[kMaxVp9NumberOfSpatialLayers][kMaxVp9RefPics];
std::unique_ptr<ScreenshareLayersVP9> spatial_layer_;
// RTP state.
uint16_t picture_id_;
uint8_t tl0_pic_idx_; // Only used in non-flexible mode.
class VP9DecoderImpl : public VP9Decoder {
virtual ~VP9DecoderImpl();
int InitDecode(const VideoCodec* inst, int number_of_cores) override;
int Decode(const EncodedImage& input_image,
bool missing_frames,
const RTPFragmentationHeader* fragmentation,
const CodecSpecificInfo* codec_specific_info,
int64_t /*render_time_ms*/) override;
int RegisterDecodeCompleteCallback(DecodedImageCallback* callback) override;
int Release() override;
const char* ImplementationName() const override;
int ReturnFrame(const vpx_image_t* img,
uint32_t timestamp,
int64_t ntp_time_ms,
int qp);
// Memory pool used to share buffers between libvpx and webrtc.
Vp9FrameBufferPool frame_buffer_pool_;
DecodedImageCallback* decode_complete_callback_;
bool inited_;
vpx_codec_ctx_t* decoder_;
VideoCodec codec_;
bool key_frame_required_;
} // namespace webrtc