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@ Copyright (c) 2013 The WebRTC project authors. All Rights Reserved.
@ Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
@ that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
@ tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
@ in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
@ be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
@ Some code in this file was originally from file
@ omxSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Sfs_s.S which was licensed as follows.
@ It has been relicensed with permission from the copyright holders.
@ File Name: omxSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Sfs_s.s
@ OpenMAX DL: v1.0.2
@ Last Modified Revision: 6729
@ Last Modified Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007
@ (c) Copyright 2007-2008 ARM Limited. All Rights Reserved.
@ Description:
@ Compute an inverse FFT for a 16-bit real signal, with complex FFT routines.
#include "dl/api/armCOMM_s.h"
#include "dl/api/omxtypes_s.h"
.extern armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Sfs_Radix2_fs_OutOfPlace_unsafe
.extern armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Radix2_fs_OutOfPlace_unsafe
.extern armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Radix4_fs_OutOfPlace_unsafe
.extern armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Radix4_ls_OutOfPlace_unsafe
.extern armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Radix8_fs_OutOfPlace_unsafe
.extern armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Radix4_OutOfPlace_unsafe
.extern armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Sfs_Radix4_fs_OutOfPlace_unsafe
.extern armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Sfs_Radix4_ls_OutOfPlace_unsafe
.extern armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Sfs_Radix8_fs_OutOfPlace_unsafe
.extern armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Sfs_Radix4_OutOfPlace_unsafe
.extern armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Sfs_Radix2_OutOfPlace_unsafe
.extern armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Radix2_OutOfPlace_unsafe
.extern armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Sfs_Radix2_ls_OutOfPlace_unsafe
.extern armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Radix2_ls_OutOfPlace_unsafe
.extern armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Radix2_ps_OutOfPlace_unsafe
.extern armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Sfs_Radix2_ps_OutOfPlace_unsafe
@Input Registers
#define pSrc r0
#define pDst r1
#define pFFTSpec r2
#define scale r3
@ Output registers
#define result r0
@Local Scratch Registers
#define argTwiddle r1
#define argDst r2
#define argScale r4
#define pTwiddle r4
#define tmpOrder r4
#define pOut r5
#define subFFTSize r7
#define subFFTNum r6
#define N r6
#define order r14
#define diff r9
@ Total num of radix stages to comple the FFT
#define count r8
#define x0r r4
#define x0i r5
#define diffMinusOne r2
#define round r3
#define pOut1 r2
#define size r7
#define step r8
#define step1 r9
#define twStep r10
#define pTwiddleTmp r11
#define argTwiddle1 r12
#define zero r14
@ Neon registers
#define dX0 D0.S32
#define dShift D1.S32
#define qShift Q0.s16
#define dX1 D1.S32
#define dY0 D2.S32
#define dY1 D3.S32
#define dX0r D0.S32
#define dX0i D1.S32
#define dX1r D2.S32
#define dX1i D3.S32
#define dW0r D4.S32
#define dW0i D5.S32
#define dW1r D6.S32
#define dW1i D7.S32
#define dT0 D8.S32
#define dT1 D9.S32
#define dT2 D10.S32
#define dT3 D11.S32
#define qT0 Q6.S64
#define qT1 Q7.S64
#define qT0s Q6.S16
#define qT1s Q7.S16
#define qT2 Q8.S64
#define qT3 Q9.S64
#define dY0r D4.S32
#define dY0i D5.S32
#define dY1r D6.S32
#define dY1i D7.S32
#define dzero D20.S32
#define dY2 D4.S32
#define dY3 D5.S32
#define dW0 D6.S32
#define dW1 D7.S32
#define dW0Tmp D10.S32
#define dW1Neg D11.S32
@ Allocate stack memory required by the function
M_ALLOC4 diffOnStack, 4
@ Write function header
M_START omxSP_FFTInv_CCSToR_S16_Sfs,r11,d15
@ Structure offsets for the FFTSpec
.set ARMsFFTSpec_N, 0
.set ARMsFFTSpec_pBitRev, 4
.set ARMsFFTSpec_pTwiddle, 8
.set ARMsFFTSpec_pBuf, 12
@ Define stack arguments
@ Read the size from structure and take log
LDR N, [pFFTSpec, #ARMsFFTSpec_N]
@ Read other structure parameters
LDR pTwiddle, [pFFTSpec, #ARMsFFTSpec_pTwiddle]
LDR pOut, [pFFTSpec, #ARMsFFTSpec_pBuf]
@ Call the preTwiddle Radix2 stage before doing the complex IFFT
@ The following conditional BL combination would work since
@ evenOddButterflyLoop in the first call would set Z flag to zero
CMP scale,#0
BLEQ armSP_FFTInv_CCSToR_S16_preTwiddleRadix2_unsafe
BLGT armSP_FFTInv_CCSToR_S16_Sfs_preTwiddleRadix2_unsafe
ASR N,N,#1 @ N/2 point complex IFFT
ADD pSrc,pOut,N,LSL #2 @ set pSrc as pOut1
CLZ order,N @ N = 2^order
RSB order,order,#31
MOV subFFTSize,#1
ADD scale,scale,order @ FFTInverse has a final scaling factor by N
CMP order,#3
BGT orderGreaterthan3 @ order > 3
CMP order,#1
BGE orderGreaterthan0 @ order > 0
M_STR scale, diffOnStack,LT @ order = 0
LDRLT x0r,[pSrc]
STRLT x0r,[pDst]
MOVLT pSrc,pDst
@ set the buffers appropriately for various orders
CMP order,#2
MOVNE argDst,pDst
MOVEQ argDst,pOut
MOVEQ pOut,pDst @ Pass the first stage destination in RN5
MOV argTwiddle,pTwiddle
@ Store the scale factor and scale at the end
SUB diff,scale,order
M_STR diff, diffOnStack
BGE orderGreaterthan1
BLLT armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Sfs_Radix2_fs_OutOfPlace_unsafe @ order = 1
MOV tmpOrder,order @ tmpOrder = RN 4
BL armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Sfs_Radix2_fs_OutOfPlace_unsafe
CMP tmpOrder,#2
BLGT armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Sfs_Radix2_ps_OutOfPlace_unsafe
BL armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Sfs_Radix2_ls_OutOfPlace_unsafe
@ check scale = 0 or scale = order
SUB diff, scale, order @ scale > order
TST order, #2 @ Set input args to fft stages
MOVNE argDst,pDst
MOVEQ argDst,pOut
MOVEQ pOut,pDst @ Pass the first stage destination in RN5
MOV argTwiddle,pTwiddle
CMP diff,#0
M_STR diff, diffOnStack
BGE scaleEqualsOrder
@check for even or odd order
@ NOTE: The following combination of BL's would work fine eventhough the first
@ BL would corrupt the flags. This is because the end of the "grpZeroSetLoop" loop inside
@ armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Radix4_fs_OutOfPlace_unsafe sets the Z flag to EQ
TST order,#0x00000001
BLEQ armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Radix4_fs_OutOfPlace_unsafe
BLNE armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Radix8_fs_OutOfPlace_unsafe
CMP subFFTNum,#4
BEQ lastStageUnscaledRadix4
BL armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Radix4_OutOfPlace_unsafe
CMP subFFTNum,#4
B unscaledRadix4Loop
BL armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Radix4_ls_OutOfPlace_unsafe
@check for even or odd order
@ NOTE: The following combination of BL's would work fine eventhough the first
@ BL would corrupt the flags. This is because the end of the "grpZeroSetLoop" loop inside
@ armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC32_Radix4_fs_OutOfPlace_unsafe sets the Z flag to EQ
TST order,#0x00000001
BLEQ armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Sfs_Radix4_fs_OutOfPlace_unsafe
BLNE armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Sfs_Radix8_fs_OutOfPlace_unsafe
CMP subFFTNum,#4
BEQ lastStageScaledRadix4
BL armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Sfs_Radix4_OutOfPlace_unsafe
CMP subFFTNum,#4
B scaledRadix4Loop
BL armSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC16_Sfs_Radix4_ls_OutOfPlace_unsafe
FFTEnd: @ Does only the scaling
M_LDR diff, diffOnStack
CMP diff,#0
RSB diff,diff,#0 @ to use VRSHL for right shift by a variable
VDUP qShift,diff
@ Use parallel loads for bigger FFT size.
CMP subFFTSize, #8
BLT scaleLessFFTData
VLD1 {qT0s, qT1s},[pSrc:256] @ pSrc contains pDst pointer
SUBS subFFTSize,subFFTSize,#8
VSHL qT0s,qShift
VSHL qT1s,qShift
VST1 {qT0s, qT1s},[pSrc:256]!
BGT scaleFFTData
B End
scaleLessFFTData: @ N = subFFTSize ; dataptr = pDst ; scale = diff
VLD1 {dX0[0]},[pSrc] @ pSrc contains pDst pointer
SUBS subFFTSize,subFFTSize,#1
VRSHL dX0,dShift
VST1 {dX0[0]},[pSrc]!
BGT scaleLessFFTData
@ Set return value
MOV result, #OMX_Sts_NoErr
@ Write function tail