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// File: CProp.h
// Desc: DirectShow base classes.
// Copyright (c) 1992-2001 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
#ifndef __CPROP__
#define __CPROP__
// Base property page class. Filters typically expose custom properties by
// implementing special control interfaces, examples are IDirectDrawVideo
// and IQualProp on renderers. This allows property pages to be built that
// use the given interface. Applications such as the ActiveMovie OCX query
// filters for the property pages they support and expose them to the user
// This class provides all the framework for a property page. A property
// page is a COM object that supports IPropertyPage. We should be created
// with a resource ID for the dialog which we will load when required. We
// should also be given in the constructor a resource ID for a title string
// we will load from the DLLs STRINGTABLE. The property page titles must be
// stored in resource files so that they can be easily internationalised
// We have a number of virtual methods (not PURE) that may be overriden in
// derived classes to query for interfaces and so on. These functions have
// simple implementations here that just return NOERROR. Derived classes
// will almost definately have to override the message handler method called
// OnReceiveMessage. We have a static dialog procedure that calls the method
// so that derived classes don't have to fiddle around with the this pointer
class AM_NOVTABLE CBasePropertyPage : public IPropertyPage, public CUnknown
LPPROPERTYPAGESITE m_pPageSite; // Details for our property site
HWND m_hwnd; // Window handle for the page
HWND m_Dlg; // Actual dialog window handle
BOOL m_bDirty; // Has anything been changed
int m_TitleId; // Resource identifier for title
int m_DialogId; // Dialog resource identifier
static INT_PTR CALLBACK DialogProc(HWND hwnd,
UINT uMsg,
WPARAM wParam,
LPARAM lParam);
BOOL m_bObjectSet ; // SetObject has been called or not.
CBasePropertyPage(__in_opt LPCTSTR pName, // Debug only name
__inout_opt LPUNKNOWN pUnk, // COM Delegator
int DialogId, // Resource ID
int TitleId); // To get tital
#ifdef UNICODE
CBasePropertyPage(__in_opt LPCSTR pName,
__inout_opt LPUNKNOWN pUnk,
int DialogId,
int TitleId);
virtual ~CBasePropertyPage() { };
// Override these virtual methods
virtual HRESULT OnConnect(IUnknown *pUnknown) { return NOERROR; };
virtual HRESULT OnDisconnect() { return NOERROR; };
virtual HRESULT OnActivate() { return NOERROR; };
virtual HRESULT OnDeactivate() { return NOERROR; };
virtual HRESULT OnApplyChanges() { return NOERROR; };
virtual INT_PTR OnReceiveMessage(HWND hwnd,UINT uMsg,WPARAM wParam,LPARAM lParam);
// These implement an IPropertyPage interface
STDMETHODIMP NonDelegatingQueryInterface(REFIID riid, __deref_out void **ppv);
STDMETHODIMP_(ULONG) NonDelegatingRelease();
STDMETHODIMP_(ULONG) NonDelegatingAddRef();
STDMETHODIMP Activate(HWND hwndParent, LPCRECT prect,BOOL fModal);
STDMETHODIMP Deactivate(void);
STDMETHODIMP SetObjects(ULONG cObjects, __in_ecount_opt(cObjects) LPUNKNOWN *ppUnk);
STDMETHODIMP IsPageDirty(void) { return m_bDirty ? S_OK : S_FALSE; }
STDMETHODIMP Help(LPCWSTR lpszHelpDir) { return E_NOTIMPL; }
STDMETHODIMP TranslateAccelerator(__inout LPMSG lpMsg) { return E_NOTIMPL; }
#endif // __CPROP__