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// File: Source.h
// Desc: DirectShow base classes - defines classes to simplify creation of
// ActiveX source filters that support continuous generation of data.
// No support is provided for IMediaControl or IMediaPosition.
// Copyright (c) 1992-2001 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
// Derive your source filter from CSource.
// During construction either:
// Create some CSourceStream objects to manage your pins
// Provide the user with a means of doing so eg, an IPersistFile interface.
// CSource provides:
// IBaseFilter interface management
// IMediaFilter interface management, via CBaseFilter
// Pin counting for CBaseFilter
// Derive a class from CSourceStream to manage your output pin types
// Implement GetMediaType/1 to return the type you support. If you support multiple
// types then overide GetMediaType/3, CheckMediaType and GetMediaTypeCount.
// Implement Fillbuffer() to put data into one buffer.
// CSourceStream provides:
// IPin management via CBaseOutputPin
// Worker thread management
#ifndef __CSOURCE__
#define __CSOURCE__
class CSourceStream; // The class that will handle each pin
// CSource
// Override construction to provide a means of creating
// CSourceStream derived objects - ie a way of creating pins.
class CSource : public CBaseFilter {
CSource(__in_opt LPCTSTR pName, __inout_opt LPUNKNOWN lpunk, CLSID clsid, __inout HRESULT *phr);
CSource(__in_opt LPCTSTR pName, __inout_opt LPUNKNOWN lpunk, CLSID clsid);
#ifdef UNICODE
CSource(__in_opt LPCSTR pName, __inout_opt LPUNKNOWN lpunk, CLSID clsid, __inout HRESULT *phr);
CSource(__in_opt LPCSTR pName, __inout_opt LPUNKNOWN lpunk, CLSID clsid);
int GetPinCount(void);
CBasePin *GetPin(int n);
// -- Utilities --
CCritSec* pStateLock(void) { return &m_cStateLock; } // provide our critical section
HRESULT AddPin(__in CSourceStream *);
HRESULT RemovePin(__in CSourceStream *);
__deref_out IPin ** ppPin
int FindPinNumber(__in IPin *iPin);
int m_iPins; // The number of pins on this filter. Updated by CSourceStream
// constructors & destructors.
CSourceStream **m_paStreams; // the pins on this filter.
CCritSec m_cStateLock; // Lock this to serialize function accesses to the filter state
// CSourceStream
// Use this class to manage a stream of data that comes from a
// pin.
// Uses a worker thread to put data on the pin.
class CSourceStream : public CAMThread, public CBaseOutputPin {
CSourceStream(__in_opt LPCTSTR pObjectName,
__inout HRESULT *phr,
__inout CSource *pms,
__in_opt LPCWSTR pName);
#ifdef UNICODE
CSourceStream(__in_opt LPCSTR pObjectName,
__inout HRESULT *phr,
__inout CSource *pms,
__in_opt LPCWSTR pName);
virtual ~CSourceStream(void); // virtual destructor ensures derived class destructors are called too.
CSource *m_pFilter; // The parent of this stream
// *
// * Data Source
// *
// * The following three functions: FillBuffer, OnThreadCreate/Destroy, are
// * called from within the ThreadProc. They are used in the creation of
// * the media samples this pin will provide
// *
// Override this to provide the worker thread a means
// of processing a buffer
virtual HRESULT FillBuffer(IMediaSample *pSamp) PURE;
// Called as the thread is created/destroyed - use to perform
// jobs such as start/stop streaming mode
// If OnThreadCreate returns an error the thread will exit.
virtual HRESULT OnThreadCreate(void) {return NOERROR;};
virtual HRESULT OnThreadDestroy(void) {return NOERROR;};
virtual HRESULT OnThreadStartPlay(void) {return NOERROR;};
// *
// * Worker Thread
// *
HRESULT Active(void); // Starts up the worker thread
HRESULT Inactive(void); // Exits the worker thread.
// thread commands
HRESULT Init(void) { return CallWorker(CMD_INIT); }
HRESULT Exit(void) { return CallWorker(CMD_EXIT); }
HRESULT Run(void) { return CallWorker(CMD_RUN); }
HRESULT Pause(void) { return CallWorker(CMD_PAUSE); }
HRESULT Stop(void) { return CallWorker(CMD_STOP); }
Command GetRequest(void) { return (Command) CAMThread::GetRequest(); }
BOOL CheckRequest(Command *pCom) { return CAMThread::CheckRequest( (DWORD *) pCom); }
// override these if you want to add thread commands
virtual DWORD ThreadProc(void); // the thread function
virtual HRESULT DoBufferProcessingLoop(void); // the loop executed whilst running
// *
// * AM_MEDIA_TYPE support
// *
// If you support more than one media type then override these 2 functions
virtual HRESULT CheckMediaType(const CMediaType *pMediaType);
virtual HRESULT GetMediaType(int iPosition, __inout CMediaType *pMediaType); // List pos. 0-n
// If you support only one type then override this fn.
// This will only be called by the default implementations
// of CheckMediaType and GetMediaType(int, CMediaType*)
// You must override this fn. or the above 2!
virtual HRESULT GetMediaType(__inout CMediaType *pMediaType) {return E_UNEXPECTED;}
__deref_out LPWSTR * Id
#endif // __CSOURCE__