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  1. b59f337 Remove leftover SCTP "codec name" constants by Harald Alvestrand · 39 minutes ago master
  2. 85b288b av1: enable error resilient, set max intra rate and disable order hint by Jerome Jiang · 13 hours ago lkgr
  3. 998524a Fixes issue with excessive stats updating in TaskQueuePacedSender. by Erik Språng · 23 hours ago
  4. 743b9b2 Disable remote ICE candidate DNS lookups when the IceTransportPolicy is Relay or None by Peter Thatcher · 24 hours ago
  5. 2e69660 [InsertableStreams] Send transformed frames on worker queue. by Marina Ciocea · 26 hours ago

WebRTC is a free, open software project that provides browsers and mobile applications with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via simple APIs. The WebRTC components have been optimized to best serve this purpose.

Our mission: To enable rich, high-quality RTC applications to be developed for the browser, mobile platforms, and IoT devices, and allow them all to communicate via a common set of protocols.

The WebRTC initiative is a project supported by Google, Mozilla and Opera, amongst others.


See here for instructions on how to get started developing with the native code.

Authoritative list of directories that contain the native API header files.

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