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Absolute Send Time

The Absolute Send Time extension is used to stamp RTP packets with a timestamp showing the departure time from the system that put this packet on the wire (or as close to this as we can manage). Contact for more info.

Name: “Absolute Sender Time” ; “RTP Header Extension for Absolute Sender Time”

Formal name:

SDP “a= name”: “abs-send-time” ; this is also used in client/cloud signaling.

Not unlike RTP with TFRC

Wire format: 1-byte extension, 3 bytes of data. total 4 bytes extra per packet (plus shared 4 bytes for all extensions present: 2 byte magic word 0xBEDE, 2 byte # of extensions). Will in practice replace the “toffset” extension so we should see no long term increase in traffic as a result.

Encoding: Timestamp is in seconds, 24 bit 6.18 fixed point, yielding 64s wraparound and 3.8us resolution (one increment for each 477 bytes going out on a 1Gbps interface).

Relation to NTP timestamps: abs_send_time_24 = (ntp_timestamp_64 >> 14) & 0x00ffffff ; NTP timestamp is 32 bits for whole seconds, 32 bits fraction of second.

Notes: Packets are time stamped when going out, preferably close to metal. Intermediate RTP relays (entities possibly altering the stream) should remove the extension or set its own timestamp.