Exercise AV1 simulcast paths in tests (re-upload).

- Patch Set 1: Re-land of 297982.
- Patch Set 2: Skip test (return early) if AV1 is not available.

Original CL description (297982):

This is something we get "for free" with the
"WebRTC-AllowDisablingLegacyScalability" field trial that has been
wired up to support VP9 simulcast.

This test works and passes, however the ramp-up time is pretty bad.
- VP9 simulcast takes approximately 4 seconds to ramp up.
- VP9 SVC takes approximately 16 seconds to ramp up.
- AV1 simulcast takes approximately 22 seconds to ramp up.

A TODO is added (webrtc:15006) and the test is given extra timeout,
a full minute to get bytes flowing on all layers.

Despite ramp-up being bad, it's important to test that AV1 simulcast
is in fact working to avoid regressions due to obsolete assumptions
about which codec do or do not support simulcast. AV1 simulcast is an
opt-in feature so there is no harm in the API not being perfect yet.

Bug: webrtc:15005, webrtc:15006
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