P2PTransportChannel::OnCandidateResolved: fix resolver leak.

This change fixes a problem where the eventual destruction of a
completed resolver sometimes doesn't happen. This is because the
destruction is posted to the network thread, and if it's destroyed
before the closure is executed, the resolver is leaked.

The fix is in three parts:
1. The resolver->Destroy call is performed on closure destruction
   to make sure it will always run.
2. The closure is executed with task queue. This because the
   RTC_DCHECK on thread:140 fires with the invoker_.
3. It's not possible to guarantee the context Destroy is called on due
   to TaskQueue semantics. Therefore SignalThread::Destroy was changed
   to accept any calling context and only requiring it's the last
   public call to the object.

For unknown reasons, this leak doesn't trigger the leak checker, see
referred bugs for further investigation.

Bug: webrtc:7723, webrtc:11605, chromium:905542
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