Use GetWindowDrawableRect() instead of GetCroppedWindowRect() in WindowCapturerWin

GetCroppingWindowRect() is too generic and easy to be misused. For example, in
WindowCapturerWin, it's used to calculate the DesktopRect of the target window,
which is inaccurate. See the screenshot in the bug, it wrongly crops borders on
Windows 8+.

So GetCroppingWindowRect() should be removed eventually, the logic should be
placed in CroppingWindowCapturerWin. But since it's still used in the deprecated
logic in MouseCursorMonitorWin, I would prefer to remove this function after
MouseCursorMonitor improvement has been finished.

But before that, WindowCapturerWin should use GetWindowDrawableRect() instead of
GetCroppedWindowRect() to avoid the wrongly cropping behavior on Windows 8+.

Bug: webrtc:8157
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