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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Downloads a Firefox Nightly build for the current platform."""
import datetime
import glob
import os
import shutil
import sys
import subprocess
import tarfile
import time
import zipfile
from optparse import OptionParser
BASE_DIR = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
THIRD_PARTY_DIR = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(BASE_DIR, 'third_party'))
sys.path.append(os.path.join(THIRD_PARTY_DIR, 'mozdownload'))
sys.path.append(os.path.join(THIRD_PARTY_DIR, 'mozinfo'))
from mozdownload import scraper
def _Touch(a_file):
with open(a_file, 'a'):
os.utime(a_file, None)
def _GetFirefoxArchivesSortedOnModifiedDate(target_dir):
firefox_archives = glob.glob(os.path.join(target_dir, '*tar.bz2'))
if not firefox_archives:
return None
firefox_archives.sort(key=os.path.getmtime, reverse=True)
return firefox_archives
def _CleanOldFirefoxArchives(target_dir):
firefox_archives = _GetFirefoxArchivesSortedOnModifiedDate(target_dir)
if not firefox_archives or len(firefox_archives) < 2:
# Keep the newest archive around as a fallback build and delete the rest.
rest = firefox_archives[1:]
print 'About to delete old Firefox archives %s.' % rest
for old_archive in rest:
except OSError:
def _FindFallbackFirefoxBuild(target_dir):
firefox_archives = _GetFirefoxArchivesSortedOnModifiedDate(target_dir)
if not firefox_archives:
return None
newest_build = firefox_archives[0]
build_age_seconds = time.time() - os.path.getmtime(newest_build)
build_age_days = datetime.timedelta(seconds=build_age_seconds).days
return newest_build, build_age_days
def _MaybeDownload(target_dir, force):
downloader = scraper.DailyScraper(directory=target_dir, version=None)
filename = downloader.build_filename(downloader.binary)
firefox_archive = os.path.join(target_dir, filename)
if os.path.exists(firefox_archive) and not force:
# Touch the file anyway since we were 'successful', so we can accurately
# compute the age of the most recent download attempt and act accordingly
# when a download fails later.
print 'Skipping download as %s is already downloaded.' % firefox_archive
return None
print 'Downloaded %s' % firefox_archive
return firefox_archive
except scraper.NotFoundException as exception:
print 'Failed to download firefox: %s.' % exception
fallback_build, age_days = _FindFallbackFirefoxBuild(target_dir)
if not fallback_build:
raise Exception('We failed to download Firefox and we have no builds to '
'fall back on; failing...')
if age_days > 3:
raise Exception('We have failed to download firefox builds for more '
'than 3 days now: failing so someone looks at it. The '
'most recent build we have is %d days old.' % age_days)
print 'Using %s instead; it is %d days old.' % (fallback_build, age_days)
return fallback_build
def _ExtractArchive(firefox_archive, target_dir):
# TODO(phoglund): implement on win/mac. See
if sys.platform == 'darwin':
print "Disabled on mac..."
return 0
volume = '/Volumes/Nightly'
firefox_executable = '%s/' % target_dir
# Unmount any previous downloads.['hdiutil', 'detach', volume])
subprocess.check_call(['hdiutil', 'attach', firefox_archive])
shutil.copytree('%s/' % volume, firefox_executable)
subprocess.check_call(['hdiutil', 'detach', volume])
elif sys.platform == 'linux2':
tar_archive =, 'r:bz2')
elif sys.platform == 'win32':
print "Disabled on win..."
return 0
zip_archive = zipfile.ZipFile(firefox_archive)
print >> sys.stderr, 'Unsupported platform: %s' % sys.platform
return 1
print 'Extracted %s' % firefox_archive
return 0
def main():
usage = 'usage: %prog -t <target_dir>'
parser = OptionParser(usage)
parser.add_option('-t', '--target-dir',
help=('Target directory to put the downloaded and extracted'
' folder with the Firefox Nightly build in.'))
parser.add_option('-f', '--force', action='store_true',
help=('Force download even if the current nightly is '
'already downloaded.'))
parser.add_option('-c', '--clean-old-firefox-archives', action='store_true',
help=('Clean old firefox archives; one will always be '
'kept as a fallback.'))
options, _args = parser.parse_args()
if not options.target_dir:
parser.error('You must specify the target directory.')
target_dir = options.target_dir
if not os.path.isdir(target_dir):
firefox_archive = _MaybeDownload(target_dir, options.force)
if firefox_archive:
return _ExtractArchive(firefox_archive, target_dir)
if options.clean_old_firefox_archives:
if __name__ == '__main__':