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* Copyright (c) 2018 The WebRTC project authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <vector>
#include "absl/types/optional.h"
#include "api/units/data_rate.h"
#include "api/units/data_size.h"
#include "api/units/time_delta.h"
#include "api/units/timestamp.h"
namespace webrtc {
// Configuration
// Represents constraints and rates related to the currently enabled streams.
// This is used as input to the congestion controller via the StreamsConfig
// struct.
struct BitrateAllocationLimits {
// The total minimum send bitrate required by all sending streams.
DataRate min_allocatable_rate = DataRate::Zero();
// The total maximum allocatable bitrate for all currently available streams.
DataRate max_allocatable_rate = DataRate::Zero();
// The max bitrate to use for padding. The sum of the per-stream max padding
// rate.
DataRate max_padding_rate = DataRate::Zero();
// Use StreamsConfig for information about streams that is required for specific
// adjustments to the algorithms in network controllers. Especially useful
// for experiments.
struct StreamsConfig {
StreamsConfig(const StreamsConfig&);
Timestamp at_time = Timestamp::PlusInfinity();
absl::optional<bool> requests_alr_probing;
absl::optional<double> pacing_factor;
// TODO(srte): Use BitrateAllocationLimits here.
absl::optional<DataRate> min_total_allocated_bitrate;
absl::optional<DataRate> max_padding_rate;
absl::optional<DataRate> max_total_allocated_bitrate;
struct TargetRateConstraints {
TargetRateConstraints(const TargetRateConstraints&);
Timestamp at_time = Timestamp::PlusInfinity();
absl::optional<DataRate> min_data_rate;
absl::optional<DataRate> max_data_rate;
// The initial bandwidth estimate to base target rate on. This should be used
// as the basis for initial OnTargetTransferRate and OnPacerConfig callbacks.
absl::optional<DataRate> starting_rate;
// Send side information
struct NetworkAvailability {
Timestamp at_time = Timestamp::PlusInfinity();
bool network_available = false;
struct NetworkRouteChange {
NetworkRouteChange(const NetworkRouteChange&);
Timestamp at_time = Timestamp::PlusInfinity();
// The TargetRateConstraints are set here so they can be changed synchronously
// when network route changes.
TargetRateConstraints constraints;
struct PacedPacketInfo {
PacedPacketInfo(int probe_cluster_id,
int probe_cluster_min_probes,
int probe_cluster_min_bytes);
bool operator==(const PacedPacketInfo& rhs) const;
// TODO(srte): Move probing info to a separate, optional struct.
static constexpr int kNotAProbe = -1;
int send_bitrate_bps = -1;
int probe_cluster_id = kNotAProbe;
int probe_cluster_min_probes = -1;
int probe_cluster_min_bytes = -1;
int probe_cluster_bytes_sent = 0;
struct SentPacket {
Timestamp send_time = Timestamp::PlusInfinity();
// Size of packet with overhead up to IP layer.
DataSize size = DataSize::Zero();
// Size of preceeding packets that are not part of feedback.
DataSize prior_unacked_data = DataSize::Zero();
// Probe cluster id and parameters including bitrate, number of packets and
// number of bytes.
PacedPacketInfo pacing_info;
// True if the packet is an audio packet, false for video, padding, RTX etc.
bool audio = false;
// Transport independent sequence number, any tracked packet should have a
// sequence number that is unique over the whole call and increasing by 1 for
// each packet.
int64_t sequence_number;
// Tracked data in flight when the packet was sent, excluding unacked data.
DataSize data_in_flight = DataSize::Zero();
struct ReceivedPacket {
Timestamp send_time = Timestamp::MinusInfinity();
Timestamp receive_time = Timestamp::PlusInfinity();
DataSize size = DataSize::Zero();
// Transport level feedback
struct RemoteBitrateReport {
Timestamp receive_time = Timestamp::PlusInfinity();
DataRate bandwidth = DataRate::Infinity();
struct RoundTripTimeUpdate {
Timestamp receive_time = Timestamp::PlusInfinity();
TimeDelta round_trip_time = TimeDelta::PlusInfinity();
bool smoothed = false;
struct TransportLossReport {
Timestamp receive_time = Timestamp::PlusInfinity();
Timestamp start_time = Timestamp::PlusInfinity();
Timestamp end_time = Timestamp::PlusInfinity();
uint64_t packets_lost_delta = 0;
uint64_t packets_received_delta = 0;
// Packet level feedback
struct PacketResult {
class ReceiveTimeOrder {
bool operator()(const PacketResult& lhs, const PacketResult& rhs);
PacketResult(const PacketResult&);
inline bool IsReceived() const { return !receive_time.IsPlusInfinity(); }
SentPacket sent_packet;
Timestamp receive_time = Timestamp::PlusInfinity();
struct TransportPacketsFeedback {
TransportPacketsFeedback(const TransportPacketsFeedback& other);
Timestamp feedback_time = Timestamp::PlusInfinity();
Timestamp first_unacked_send_time = Timestamp::PlusInfinity();
DataSize data_in_flight = DataSize::Zero();
DataSize prior_in_flight = DataSize::Zero();
std::vector<PacketResult> packet_feedbacks;
// Arrival times for messages without send time information.
std::vector<Timestamp> sendless_arrival_times;
std::vector<PacketResult> ReceivedWithSendInfo() const;
std::vector<PacketResult> LostWithSendInfo() const;
std::vector<PacketResult> PacketsWithFeedback() const;
std::vector<PacketResult> SortedByReceiveTime() const;
// Network estimation
struct NetworkEstimate {
Timestamp at_time = Timestamp::PlusInfinity();
// Deprecated, use TargetTransferRate::target_rate instead.
DataRate bandwidth = DataRate::Infinity();
TimeDelta round_trip_time = TimeDelta::PlusInfinity();
TimeDelta bwe_period = TimeDelta::PlusInfinity();
float loss_rate_ratio = 0;
// Network control
struct PacerConfig {
Timestamp at_time = Timestamp::PlusInfinity();
// Pacer should send at most data_window data over time_window duration.
DataSize data_window = DataSize::Infinity();
TimeDelta time_window = TimeDelta::PlusInfinity();
// Pacer should send at least pad_window data over time_window duration.
DataSize pad_window = DataSize::Zero();
DataRate data_rate() const { return data_window / time_window; }
DataRate pad_rate() const { return pad_window / time_window; }
struct ProbeClusterConfig {
Timestamp at_time = Timestamp::PlusInfinity();
DataRate target_data_rate = DataRate::Zero();
TimeDelta target_duration = TimeDelta::Zero();
int32_t target_probe_count = 0;
int32_t id = 0;
struct TargetTransferRate {
Timestamp at_time = Timestamp::PlusInfinity();
// The estimate on which the target rate is based on.
NetworkEstimate network_estimate;
DataRate target_rate = DataRate::Zero();
DataRate stable_target_rate = DataRate::Zero();
double cwnd_reduce_ratio = 0;
// Contains updates of network controller comand state. Using optionals to
// indicate whether a member has been updated. The array of probe clusters
// should be used to send out probes if not empty.
struct NetworkControlUpdate {
NetworkControlUpdate(const NetworkControlUpdate&);
absl::optional<DataSize> congestion_window;
absl::optional<PacerConfig> pacer_config;
std::vector<ProbeClusterConfig> probe_cluster_configs;
absl::optional<TargetTransferRate> target_rate;
// Process control
struct ProcessInterval {
Timestamp at_time = Timestamp::PlusInfinity();
absl::optional<DataSize> pacer_queue;
// Under development, subject to change without notice.
struct NetworkStateEstimate {
double confidence = NAN;
// The time the estimate was received/calculated.
Timestamp update_time = Timestamp::MinusInfinity();
Timestamp last_receive_time = Timestamp::MinusInfinity();
Timestamp last_send_time = Timestamp::MinusInfinity();
// Total estimated link capacity.
DataRate link_capacity = DataRate::MinusInfinity();
// Used as a safe measure of available capacity.
DataRate link_capacity_lower = DataRate::MinusInfinity();
// Used as limit for increasing bitrate.
DataRate link_capacity_upper = DataRate::MinusInfinity();
TimeDelta pre_link_buffer_delay = TimeDelta::MinusInfinity();
TimeDelta post_link_buffer_delay = TimeDelta::MinusInfinity();
TimeDelta propagation_delay = TimeDelta::MinusInfinity();
// Only for debugging
TimeDelta time_delta = TimeDelta::MinusInfinity();
Timestamp last_feed_time = Timestamp::MinusInfinity();
double cross_delay_rate = NAN;
double spike_delay_rate = NAN;
DataRate link_capacity_std_dev = DataRate::MinusInfinity();
DataRate link_capacity_min = DataRate::MinusInfinity();
double cross_traffic_ratio = NAN;
} // namespace webrtc