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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- These lint settings is for the Android linter that gets run by
lint_action.gypi on compile of WebRTC java code. All WebRTC java code
should lint cleanly for the issues below. -->
<!-- TODO(phoglund): make work with or remove printout referring
to -->
<issue id="NewApi"></issue>
<issue id="Locale" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="SdCardPath" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="UseValueOf" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="InlinedApi" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="DefaultLocale" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="Assert" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="UseSparseArrays" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="LongLogTag" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="Registered" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="Recycle" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="MissingPermission" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="CommitPrefEdits" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="UnusedResources" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="IconColors" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="IconDipSize" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="IconDuplicatesConfig" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="RelativeOverlap" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="RtlCompat" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="IconMissingDensityFolder" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="WrongCall" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="NewApi" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="OldTargetApi" severity="ignore"/>
<!-- These are just from the dummy AndroidManifest.xml we use for linting.
It's in the same directory as this file. -->
<issue id="MissingApplicationIcon" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="AllowBackup" severity="ignore"/>
<issue id="MissingVersion" severity="ignore"/>