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* Copyright (c) 2018 The WebRTC project authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
#include "api/video/color_space.h"
namespace webrtc {
namespace {
// Try to convert `enum_value` into the enum class T. `enum_bitmask` is created
// by the funciton below. Returns true if conversion was successful, false
// otherwise.
template <typename T>
bool SetFromUint8(uint8_t enum_value, uint64_t enum_bitmask, T* out) {
if ((enum_value < 64) && ((enum_bitmask >> enum_value) & 1)) {
*out = static_cast<T>(enum_value);
return true;
return false;
// This function serves as an assert for the constexpr function below. It's on
// purpose not declared as constexpr so that it causes a build problem if enum
// values of 64 or above are used. The bitmask and the code generating it would
// have to be extended if the standard is updated to include enum values >= 64.
int EnumMustBeLessThan64() {
return -1;
template <typename T, size_t N>
constexpr int MakeMask(const int index, const int length, T (&values)[N]) {
return length > 1
? (MakeMask(index, 1, values) +
MakeMask(index + 1, length - 1, values))
: (static_cast<uint8_t>(values[index]) < 64
? (uint64_t{1} << static_cast<uint8_t>(values[index]))
: EnumMustBeLessThan64());
// Create a bitmask where each bit corresponds to one potential enum value.
// `values` should be an array listing all possible enum values. The bit is set
// to one if the corresponding enum exists. Only works for enums with values
// less than 64.
template <typename T, size_t N>
constexpr uint64_t CreateEnumBitmask(T (&values)[N]) {
return MakeMask(0, N, values);
bool SetChromaSitingFromUint8(uint8_t enum_value,
ColorSpace::ChromaSiting* chroma_siting) {
constexpr ColorSpace::ChromaSiting kChromaSitings[] = {
ColorSpace::ChromaSiting::kCollocated, ColorSpace::ChromaSiting::kHalf};
constexpr uint64_t enum_bitmask = CreateEnumBitmask(kChromaSitings);
return SetFromUint8(enum_value, enum_bitmask, chroma_siting);
} // namespace
ColorSpace::ColorSpace() = default;
ColorSpace::ColorSpace(const ColorSpace& other) = default;
ColorSpace::ColorSpace(ColorSpace&& other) = default;
ColorSpace& ColorSpace::operator=(const ColorSpace& other) = default;
ColorSpace::ColorSpace(PrimaryID primaries,
TransferID transfer,
MatrixID matrix,
RangeID range)
: ColorSpace(primaries,
nullptr) {}
ColorSpace::ColorSpace(PrimaryID primaries,
TransferID transfer,
MatrixID matrix,
RangeID range,
ChromaSiting chroma_siting_horz,
ChromaSiting chroma_siting_vert,
const HdrMetadata* hdr_metadata)
: primaries_(primaries),
hdr_metadata_(hdr_metadata ? absl::make_optional(*hdr_metadata)
: absl::nullopt) {}
ColorSpace::PrimaryID ColorSpace::primaries() const {
return primaries_;
ColorSpace::TransferID ColorSpace::transfer() const {
return transfer_;
ColorSpace::MatrixID ColorSpace::matrix() const {
return matrix_;
ColorSpace::RangeID ColorSpace::range() const {
return range_;
ColorSpace::ChromaSiting ColorSpace::chroma_siting_horizontal() const {
return chroma_siting_horizontal_;
ColorSpace::ChromaSiting ColorSpace::chroma_siting_vertical() const {
return chroma_siting_vertical_;
const HdrMetadata* ColorSpace::hdr_metadata() const {
return hdr_metadata_ ? &*hdr_metadata_ : nullptr;
bool ColorSpace::set_primaries_from_uint8(uint8_t enum_value) {
constexpr PrimaryID kPrimaryIds[] = {
PrimaryID::kBT709, PrimaryID::kUnspecified, PrimaryID::kBT470M,
PrimaryID::kBT470BG, PrimaryID::kSMPTE170M, PrimaryID::kSMPTE240M,
PrimaryID::kFILM, PrimaryID::kBT2020, PrimaryID::kSMPTEST428,
PrimaryID::kSMPTEST431, PrimaryID::kSMPTEST432, PrimaryID::kJEDECP22};
constexpr uint64_t enum_bitmask = CreateEnumBitmask(kPrimaryIds);
return SetFromUint8(enum_value, enum_bitmask, &primaries_);
bool ColorSpace::set_transfer_from_uint8(uint8_t enum_value) {
constexpr TransferID kTransferIds[] = {
TransferID::kBT709, TransferID::kUnspecified,
TransferID::kGAMMA22, TransferID::kGAMMA28,
TransferID::kSMPTE170M, TransferID::kSMPTE240M,
TransferID::kLINEAR, TransferID::kLOG,
TransferID::kLOG_SQRT, TransferID::kIEC61966_2_4,
TransferID::kBT1361_ECG, TransferID::kIEC61966_2_1,
TransferID::kBT2020_10, TransferID::kBT2020_12,
TransferID::kSMPTEST2084, TransferID::kSMPTEST428,
constexpr uint64_t enum_bitmask = CreateEnumBitmask(kTransferIds);
return SetFromUint8(enum_value, enum_bitmask, &transfer_);
bool ColorSpace::set_matrix_from_uint8(uint8_t enum_value) {
constexpr MatrixID kMatrixIds[] = {
MatrixID::kRGB, MatrixID::kBT709, MatrixID::kUnspecified,
MatrixID::kFCC, MatrixID::kBT470BG, MatrixID::kSMPTE170M,
MatrixID::kSMPTE240M, MatrixID::kYCOCG, MatrixID::kBT2020_NCL,
MatrixID::kBT2020_CL, MatrixID::kSMPTE2085, MatrixID::kCDNCLS,
MatrixID::kCDCLS, MatrixID::kBT2100_ICTCP};
constexpr uint64_t enum_bitmask = CreateEnumBitmask(kMatrixIds);
return SetFromUint8(enum_value, enum_bitmask, &matrix_);
bool ColorSpace::set_range_from_uint8(uint8_t enum_value) {
constexpr RangeID kRangeIds[] = {RangeID::kInvalid, RangeID::kLimited,
RangeID::kFull, RangeID::kDerived};
constexpr uint64_t enum_bitmask = CreateEnumBitmask(kRangeIds);
return SetFromUint8(enum_value, enum_bitmask, &range_);
bool ColorSpace::set_chroma_siting_horizontal_from_uint8(uint8_t enum_value) {
return SetChromaSitingFromUint8(enum_value, &chroma_siting_horizontal_);
bool ColorSpace::set_chroma_siting_vertical_from_uint8(uint8_t enum_value) {
return SetChromaSitingFromUint8(enum_value, &chroma_siting_vertical_);
void ColorSpace::set_hdr_metadata(const HdrMetadata* hdr_metadata) {
hdr_metadata_ =
hdr_metadata ? absl::make_optional(*hdr_metadata) : absl::nullopt;
} // namespace webrtc