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* Copyright (c) 2012 The WebRTC project authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
#include <pulse/pulseaudio.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include "api/sequence_checker.h"
#ifndef UINT32_MAX
#define UINT32_MAX ((uint32_t)-1)
namespace webrtc {
class AudioMixerManagerLinuxPulse {
int32_t SetPlayStream(pa_stream* playStream);
int32_t SetRecStream(pa_stream* recStream);
int32_t OpenSpeaker(uint16_t deviceIndex);
int32_t OpenMicrophone(uint16_t deviceIndex);
int32_t SetSpeakerVolume(uint32_t volume);
int32_t SpeakerVolume(uint32_t& volume) const;
int32_t MaxSpeakerVolume(uint32_t& maxVolume) const;
int32_t MinSpeakerVolume(uint32_t& minVolume) const;
int32_t SpeakerVolumeIsAvailable(bool& available);
int32_t SpeakerMuteIsAvailable(bool& available);
int32_t SetSpeakerMute(bool enable);
int32_t StereoPlayoutIsAvailable(bool& available);
int32_t StereoRecordingIsAvailable(bool& available);
int32_t SpeakerMute(bool& enabled) const;
int32_t MicrophoneMuteIsAvailable(bool& available);
int32_t SetMicrophoneMute(bool enable);
int32_t MicrophoneMute(bool& enabled) const;
int32_t MicrophoneVolumeIsAvailable(bool& available);
int32_t SetMicrophoneVolume(uint32_t volume);
int32_t MicrophoneVolume(uint32_t& volume) const;
int32_t MaxMicrophoneVolume(uint32_t& maxVolume) const;
int32_t MinMicrophoneVolume(uint32_t& minVolume) const;
int32_t SetPulseAudioObjects(pa_threaded_mainloop* mainloop,
pa_context* context);
int32_t Close();
int32_t CloseSpeaker();
int32_t CloseMicrophone();
bool SpeakerIsInitialized() const;
bool MicrophoneIsInitialized() const;
static void PaSinkInfoCallback(pa_context* c,
const pa_sink_info* i,
int eol,
void* pThis);
static void PaSinkInputInfoCallback(pa_context* c,
const pa_sink_input_info* i,
int eol,
void* pThis);
static void PaSourceInfoCallback(pa_context* c,
const pa_source_info* i,
int eol,
void* pThis);
static void PaSetVolumeCallback(pa_context* /*c*/,
int success,
void* /*pThis*/);
void PaSinkInfoCallbackHandler(const pa_sink_info* i, int eol);
void PaSinkInputInfoCallbackHandler(const pa_sink_input_info* i, int eol);
void PaSourceInfoCallbackHandler(const pa_source_info* i, int eol);
void WaitForOperationCompletion(pa_operation* paOperation) const;
bool GetSinkInputInfo() const;
bool GetSinkInfoByIndex(int device_index) const;
bool GetSourceInfoByIndex(int device_index) const;
int16_t _paOutputDeviceIndex;
int16_t _paInputDeviceIndex;
pa_stream* _paPlayStream;
pa_stream* _paRecStream;
pa_threaded_mainloop* _paMainloop;
pa_context* _paContext;
mutable uint32_t _paVolume;
mutable uint32_t _paMute;
mutable uint32_t _paVolSteps;
bool _paSpeakerMute;
mutable uint32_t _paSpeakerVolume;
mutable uint8_t _paChannels;
bool _paObjectsSet;
// Stores thread ID in constructor.
// We can then use RTC_DCHECK_RUN_ON(&worker_thread_checker_) to ensure that
// other methods are called from the same thread.
// Currently only does RTC_DCHECK(thread_checker_.IsCurrent()).
SequenceChecker thread_checker_;
} // namespace webrtc