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This file describes how to setup Eclipse and then the Python Charts project
Setup Eclipse
These instructions were tested on Linux, but are very similar for Windows and
1. Ensure you have Python 2.x installed
2. Download and install Google App Engine SDK for Python from
3. Note which location you put App Engine in, as this will be needed later on.
4. Download Eclipse from Any distribution will probably
do, but if you're going to do mainly web development, you might pick Eclipse
IDE for JavaScript Web Developers
5. Install the PyDev plugin using the Eclipse update site mentioned at
6. Install the Google Plugin for Eclipse:
Setup the project
Generic instructions are available at but the following
should be enough:
1. Launch Eclipse and create a workspace
2. Create a new PyDev Project
3. In the PyDev Project wizard, uncheck the "Use Default" checkbox for Project
contents and browse to your tools/python_charts directory.
4. Enter a project name. We'll assume PythonCharts in the examples below.
5. In the radio button of the lower part of the window, select
"Add project directory to the PYTHONPATH"
6. Click Finish
7. Select the Run > Run Configuration menu item
8. Create a new "Python Run" configuration
9. Select your Python Charts project as project
10. As Main Module, enter the path to your, which is a part
of your App Engine installation,
e.g. /usr/local/google_appengine/
11. At the Arguments tab, enter the location of your project root.
Using Eclipse variables if your project name is PythonCharts:
12. Launch the development app server by clicking the Run button.
13. Launch a browser and go to http://localhost:8080