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* Copyright (c) 2011 The WebRTC project authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
#include <algorithm>
#include <memory>
#include <queue>
#include "absl/strings/string_view.h"
#include "absl/types/optional.h"
#include "api/field_trials_view.h"
#include "api/units/data_size.h"
#include "api/units/frequency.h"
#include "api/units/time_delta.h"
#include "api/units/timestamp.h"
#include "modules/video_coding/timing/frame_delay_variation_kalman_filter.h"
#include "modules/video_coding/timing/rtt_filter.h"
#include "rtc_base/experiments/struct_parameters_parser.h"
#include "rtc_base/numerics/moving_percentile_filter.h"
#include "rtc_base/rolling_accumulator.h"
namespace webrtc {
class Clock;
class JitterEstimator {
// Configuration struct for statically overriding some constants and
// behaviour, configurable through field trials.
struct Config {
static constexpr char kFieldTrialsKey[] = "WebRTC-JitterEstimatorConfig";
// Parses a field trial string and validates the values.
static Config ParseAndValidate(absl::string_view field_trial);
std::unique_ptr<StructParametersParser> Parser() {
// clang-format off
return StructParametersParser::Create(
"avg_frame_size_median", &avg_frame_size_median,
"max_frame_size_percentile", &max_frame_size_percentile,
"frame_size_window", &frame_size_window,
"num_stddev_delay_clamp", &num_stddev_delay_clamp,
"num_stddev_delay_outlier", &num_stddev_delay_outlier,
"num_stddev_size_outlier", &num_stddev_size_outlier,
"congestion_rejection_factor", &congestion_rejection_factor,
"estimate_noise_when_congested", &estimate_noise_when_congested);
// clang-format on
bool MaxFrameSizePercentileEnabled() const {
return max_frame_size_percentile.has_value();
// If true, the "avg" frame size is calculated as the median over a window
// of recent frame sizes.
bool avg_frame_size_median = false;
// If set, the "max" frame size is calculated as this percentile over a
// window of recent frame sizes.
absl::optional<double> max_frame_size_percentile = absl::nullopt;
// The length of the percentile filters' window, in number of frames.
absl::optional<int> frame_size_window = absl::nullopt;
// The incoming frame delay variation samples are clamped to be at most
// this number of standard deviations away from zero.
// Increasing this value clamps fewer samples.
absl::optional<double> num_stddev_delay_clamp = absl::nullopt;
// A (relative) frame delay variation sample is an outlier if its absolute
// deviation from the Kalman filter model falls outside this number of
// sample standard deviations.
// Increasing this value rejects fewer samples.
absl::optional<double> num_stddev_delay_outlier = absl::nullopt;
// An (absolute) frame size sample is an outlier if its positive deviation
// from the estimated average frame size falls outside this number of sample
// standard deviations.
// Increasing this value rejects fewer samples.
absl::optional<double> num_stddev_size_outlier = absl::nullopt;
// A (relative) frame size variation sample is deemed "congested", and is
// thus rejected, if its value is less than this factor times the estimated
// max frame size.
// Decreasing this value rejects fewer samples.
absl::optional<double> congestion_rejection_factor = absl::nullopt;
// If true, the noise estimate will be updated for congestion rejected
// frames. This is currently enabled by default, but that may not be optimal
// since congested frames typically are not spread around the line with
// Gaussian noise. (This is the whole reason for the congestion rejection!)
bool estimate_noise_when_congested = true;
JitterEstimator(Clock* clock, const FieldTrialsView& field_trials);
JitterEstimator(const JitterEstimator&) = delete;
JitterEstimator& operator=(const JitterEstimator&) = delete;
// Resets the estimate to the initial state.
void Reset();
// Updates the jitter estimate with the new data.
// Input:
// - frame_delay : Delay-delta calculated by UTILDelayEstimate.
// - frame_size : Frame size of the current frame.
void UpdateEstimate(TimeDelta frame_delay, DataSize frame_size);
// Returns the current jitter estimate and adds an RTT dependent term in cases
// of retransmission.
// Input:
// - rtt_multiplier : RTT param multiplier (when applicable).
// - rtt_mult_add_cap : Multiplier cap from the RTTMultExperiment.
// Return value : Jitter estimate.
TimeDelta GetJitterEstimate(double rtt_multiplier,
absl::optional<TimeDelta> rtt_mult_add_cap);
// Updates the nack counter.
void FrameNacked();
// Updates the RTT filter.
// Input:
// - rtt : Round trip time.
void UpdateRtt(TimeDelta rtt);
// Returns the configuration. Only to be used by unit tests.
Config GetConfigForTest() const;
// Updates the random jitter estimate, i.e. the variance of the time
// deviations from the line given by the Kalman filter.
// Input:
// - d_dT : The deviation from the kalman estimate.
void EstimateRandomJitter(double d_dT);
double NoiseThreshold() const;
// Calculates the current jitter estimate.
// Return value : The current jitter estimate.
TimeDelta CalculateEstimate();
// Post process the calculated estimate.
void PostProcessEstimate();
// Returns the estimated incoming frame rate.
Frequency GetFrameRate() const;
// Configuration that may override some internals.
const Config config_;
// Filters the {frame_delay_delta, frame_size_delta} measurements through
// a linear Kalman filter.
FrameDelayVariationKalmanFilter kalman_filter_;
// TODO( Update `avg_frame_size_bytes_` to DataSize
// when api/units have sufficient precision.
double avg_frame_size_bytes_; // Average frame size
double var_frame_size_bytes2_; // Frame size variance. Unit is bytes^2.
// Largest frame size received (descending with a factor kPsi).
// Used by default.
// TODO( Update `max_frame_size_bytes_` to DataSize
// when api/units have sufficient precision.
double max_frame_size_bytes_;
// Percentile frame sized received (over a window). Only used if configured.
MovingMedianFilter<int64_t> avg_frame_size_median_bytes_;
MovingPercentileFilter<int64_t> max_frame_size_bytes_percentile_;
// TODO( Update `startup_frame_size_sum_bytes_` to
// DataSize when api/units have sufficient precision.
double startup_frame_size_sum_bytes_;
size_t startup_frame_size_count_;
absl::optional<Timestamp> last_update_time_;
// The previously returned jitter estimate
absl::optional<TimeDelta> prev_estimate_;
// Frame size of the previous frame
absl::optional<DataSize> prev_frame_size_;
// Average of the random jitter. Unit is milliseconds.
double avg_noise_ms_;
// Variance of the time-deviation from the line. Unit is milliseconds^2.
double var_noise_ms2_;
size_t alpha_count_;
// The filtered sum of jitter estimates
TimeDelta filter_jitter_estimate_ = TimeDelta::Zero();
size_t startup_count_;
// Time when the latest nack was seen
Timestamp latest_nack_ = Timestamp::Zero();
// Keeps track of the number of nacks received, but never goes above
// kNackLimit.
size_t nack_count_;
RttFilter rtt_filter_;
// Tracks frame rates in microseconds.
rtc::RollingAccumulator<uint64_t> fps_counter_;
Clock* clock_;
} // namespace webrtc