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* Copyright 2015 The WebRTC project authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "RTCMacros.h"
@class RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCConfiguration);
@class RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCDataChannel);
@class RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCDataChannelConfiguration);
@class RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCIceCandidate);
@class RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCIceCandidateErrorEvent);
@class RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCMediaConstraints);
@class RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCMediaStream);
@class RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCMediaStreamTrack);
@class RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCPeerConnectionFactory);
@class RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpReceiver);
@class RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpSender);
@class RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpTransceiver);
@class RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpTransceiverInit);
@class RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCSessionDescription);
@class RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCStatisticsReport);
@class RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCLegacyStatsReport);
typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, RTCRtpMediaType);
extern NSString *const kRTCPeerConnectionErrorDomain;
extern int const kRTCSessionDescriptionErrorCode;
/** Represents the signaling state of the peer connection. */
typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, RTCSignalingState) {
// Not an actual state, represents the total number of states.
/** Represents the ice connection state of the peer connection. */
typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, RTCIceConnectionState) {
/** Represents the combined ice+dtls connection state of the peer connection. */
typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, RTCPeerConnectionState) {
/** Represents the ice gathering state of the peer connection. */
typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, RTCIceGatheringState) {
/** Represents the stats output level. */
typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, RTCStatsOutputLevel) {
typedef void (^RTCCreateSessionDescriptionCompletionHandler)(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCSessionDescription) *
_Nullable sdp,
NSError *_Nullable error);
typedef void (^RTCSetSessionDescriptionCompletionHandler)(NSError *_Nullable error);
@class RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCPeerConnection);
@protocol RTC_OBJC_TYPE
/** Called when the SignalingState changed. */
- (void)peerConnection
: (RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCPeerConnection) *)peerConnection didChangeSignalingState
: (RTCSignalingState)stateChanged;
/** Called when media is received on a new stream from remote peer. */
- (void)peerConnection:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCPeerConnection) *)peerConnection
didAddStream:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCMediaStream) *)stream;
/** Called when a remote peer closes a stream.
* This is not called when RTCSdpSemanticsUnifiedPlan is specified.
- (void)peerConnection:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCPeerConnection) *)peerConnection
didRemoveStream:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCMediaStream) *)stream;
/** Called when negotiation is needed, for example ICE has restarted. */
- (void)peerConnectionShouldNegotiate:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCPeerConnection) *)peerConnection;
/** Called any time the IceConnectionState changes. */
- (void)peerConnection:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCPeerConnection) *)peerConnection
/** Called any time the IceGatheringState changes. */
- (void)peerConnection:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCPeerConnection) *)peerConnection
/** New ice candidate has been found. */
- (void)peerConnection:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCPeerConnection) *)peerConnection
didGenerateIceCandidate:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCIceCandidate) *)candidate;
/** Called when a group of local Ice candidates have been removed. */
- (void)peerConnection:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCPeerConnection) *)peerConnection
didRemoveIceCandidates:(NSArray<RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCIceCandidate) *> *)candidates;
/** New data channel has been opened. */
- (void)peerConnection:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCPeerConnection) *)peerConnection
didOpenDataChannel:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCDataChannel) *)dataChannel;
/** Called when signaling indicates a transceiver will be receiving media from
* the remote endpoint.
* This is only called with RTCSdpSemanticsUnifiedPlan specified.
/** Called any time the IceConnectionState changes following standardized
* transition. */
- (void)peerConnection:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCPeerConnection) *)peerConnection
/** Called any time the PeerConnectionState changes. */
- (void)peerConnection:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCPeerConnection) *)peerConnection
- (void)peerConnection:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCPeerConnection) *)peerConnection
didStartReceivingOnTransceiver:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpTransceiver) *)transceiver;
/** Called when a receiver and its track are created. */
- (void)peerConnection:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCPeerConnection) *)peerConnection
didAddReceiver:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpReceiver) *)rtpReceiver
streams:(NSArray<RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCMediaStream) *> *)mediaStreams;
/** Called when the receiver and its track are removed. */
- (void)peerConnection:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCPeerConnection) *)peerConnection
didRemoveReceiver:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpReceiver) *)rtpReceiver;
/** Called when the selected ICE candidate pair is changed. */
- (void)peerConnection:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCPeerConnection) *)peerConnection
didChangeLocalCandidate:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCIceCandidate) *)local
remoteCandidate:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCIceCandidate) *)remote
changeReason:(NSString *)reason;
/** Called when gathering of an ICE candidate failed. */
- (void)peerConnection:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCPeerConnection) *)peerConnection
didFailToGatherIceCandidate:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCIceCandidateErrorEvent) *)event;
@interface RTC_OBJC_TYPE (RTCPeerConnection) : NSObject
/** The object that will be notifed about events such as state changes and
* streams being added or removed.
@property(nonatomic, weak, nullable) id<RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCPeerConnectionDelegate)> delegate;
/** This property is not available with RTCSdpSemanticsUnifiedPlan. Please use
* `senders` instead.
@property(nonatomic, readonly) NSArray<RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCMediaStream) *> *localStreams;
@property(nonatomic, readonly, nullable) RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCSessionDescription) * localDescription;
@property(nonatomic, readonly, nullable) RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCSessionDescription) * remoteDescription;
@property(nonatomic, readonly) RTCSignalingState signalingState;
@property(nonatomic, readonly) RTCIceConnectionState iceConnectionState;
@property(nonatomic, readonly) RTCPeerConnectionState connectionState;
@property(nonatomic, readonly) RTCIceGatheringState iceGatheringState;
@property(nonatomic, readonly, copy) RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCConfiguration) * configuration;
/** Gets all RTCRtpSenders associated with this peer connection.
* Note: reading this property returns different instances of RTCRtpSender.
* Use isEqual: instead of == to compare RTCRtpSender instances.
@property(nonatomic, readonly) NSArray<RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpSender) *> *senders;
/** Gets all RTCRtpReceivers associated with this peer connection.
* Note: reading this property returns different instances of RTCRtpReceiver.
* Use isEqual: instead of == to compare RTCRtpReceiver instances.
@property(nonatomic, readonly) NSArray<RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpReceiver) *> *receivers;
/** Gets all RTCRtpTransceivers associated with this peer connection.
* Note: reading this property returns different instances of
* RTCRtpTransceiver. Use isEqual: instead of == to compare
* RTCRtpTransceiver instances. This is only available with
* RTCSdpSemanticsUnifiedPlan specified.
@property(nonatomic, readonly) NSArray<RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpTransceiver) *> *transceivers;
- (instancetype)init NS_UNAVAILABLE;
/** Sets the PeerConnection's global configuration to `configuration`.
* Any changes to STUN/TURN servers or ICE candidate policy will affect the
* next gathering phase, and cause the next call to createOffer to generate
* new ICE credentials. Note that the BUNDLE and RTCP-multiplexing policies
* cannot be changed with this method.
- (BOOL)setConfiguration:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCConfiguration) *)configuration;
/** Terminate all media and close the transport. */
- (void)close;
/** Provide a remote candidate to the ICE Agent. */
- (void)addIceCandidate:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCIceCandidate) *)candidate
DEPRECATED_MSG_ATTRIBUTE("Please use addIceCandidate:completionHandler: instead");
/** Provide a remote candidate to the ICE Agent. */
- (void)addIceCandidate:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCIceCandidate) *)candidate
completionHandler:(void (^)(NSError *_Nullable error))completionHandler;
/** Remove a group of remote candidates from the ICE Agent. */
- (void)removeIceCandidates:(NSArray<RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCIceCandidate) *> *)candidates;
/** Add a new media stream to be sent on this peer connection.
* This method is not supported with RTCSdpSemanticsUnifiedPlan. Please use
* addTrack instead.
- (void)addStream:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCMediaStream) *)stream;
/** Remove the given media stream from this peer connection.
* This method is not supported with RTCSdpSemanticsUnifiedPlan. Please use
* removeTrack instead.
- (void)removeStream:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCMediaStream) *)stream;
/** Add a new media stream track to be sent on this peer connection, and return
* the newly created RTCRtpSender. The RTCRtpSender will be
* associated with the streams specified in the `streamIds` list.
* Errors: If an error occurs, returns nil. An error can occur if:
* - A sender already exists for the track.
* - The peer connection is closed.
- (nullable RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpSender) *)addTrack:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCMediaStreamTrack) *)track
streamIds:(NSArray<NSString *> *)streamIds;
/** With PlanB semantics, removes an RTCRtpSender from this peer connection.
* With UnifiedPlan semantics, sets sender's track to null and removes the
* send component from the associated RTCRtpTransceiver's direction.
* Returns YES on success.
- (BOOL)removeTrack:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpSender) *)sender;
/** addTransceiver creates a new RTCRtpTransceiver and adds it to the set of
* transceivers. Adding a transceiver will cause future calls to CreateOffer
* to add a media description for the corresponding transceiver.
* The initial value of `mid` in the returned transceiver is nil. Setting a
* new session description may change it to a non-nil value.
* Optionally, an RtpTransceiverInit structure can be specified to configure
* the transceiver from construction. If not specified, the transceiver will
* default to having a direction of kSendRecv and not be part of any streams.
* These methods are only available when Unified Plan is enabled (see
* RTCConfiguration).
/** Adds a transceiver with a sender set to transmit the given track. The kind
* of the transceiver (and sender/receiver) will be derived from the kind of
* the track.
- (nullable RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpTransceiver) *)addTransceiverWithTrack:
(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCMediaStreamTrack) *)track;
- (nullable RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpTransceiver) *)
addTransceiverWithTrack:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCMediaStreamTrack) *)track
init:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpTransceiverInit) *)init;
/** Adds a transceiver with the given kind. Can either be RTCRtpMediaTypeAudio
* or RTCRtpMediaTypeVideo.
- (nullable RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpTransceiver) *)addTransceiverOfType:(RTCRtpMediaType)mediaType;
- (nullable RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpTransceiver) *)
init:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpTransceiverInit) *)init;
/** Tells the PeerConnection that ICE should be restarted. This triggers a need
* for negotiation and subsequent offerForConstraints:completionHandler call will act as if
* RTCOfferAnswerOptions::ice_restart is true.
- (void)restartIce;
/** Generate an SDP offer. */
- (void)offerForConstraints:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCMediaConstraints) *)constraints
/** Generate an SDP answer. */
- (void)answerForConstraints:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCMediaConstraints) *)constraints
/** Apply the supplied RTCSessionDescription as the local description. */
- (void)setLocalDescription:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCSessionDescription) *)sdp
/** Creates an offer or answer (depending on current signaling state) and sets
* it as the local session description. */
- (void)setLocalDescriptionWithCompletionHandler:
/** Apply the supplied RTCSessionDescription as the remote description. */
- (void)setRemoteDescription:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCSessionDescription) *)sdp
/** Limits the bandwidth allocated for all RTP streams sent by this
* PeerConnection. Nil parameters will be unchanged. Setting
* `currentBitrateBps` will force the available bitrate estimate to the given
* value. Returns YES if the parameters were successfully updated.
- (BOOL)setBweMinBitrateBps:(nullable NSNumber *)minBitrateBps
currentBitrateBps:(nullable NSNumber *)currentBitrateBps
maxBitrateBps:(nullable NSNumber *)maxBitrateBps;
/** Start or stop recording an Rtc EventLog. */
- (BOOL)startRtcEventLogWithFilePath:(NSString *)filePath maxSizeInBytes:(int64_t)maxSizeInBytes;
- (void)stopRtcEventLog;
@interface RTC_OBJC_TYPE (RTCPeerConnection)
/** Create an RTCRtpSender with the specified kind and media stream ID.
* See RTCMediaStreamTrack.h for available kinds.
* This method is not supported with RTCSdpSemanticsUnifiedPlan. Please use
* addTransceiver instead.
- (RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpSender) *)senderWithKind : (NSString *)kind streamId
: (NSString *)streamId;
@interface RTC_OBJC_TYPE (RTCPeerConnection)
/** Create a new data channel with the given label and configuration. */
- (nullable RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCDataChannel) *)dataChannelForLabel
: (NSString *)label configuration : (RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCDataChannelConfiguration) *)configuration;
typedef void (^RTCStatisticsCompletionHandler)(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCStatisticsReport) *);
@interface RTC_OBJC_TYPE (RTCPeerConnection)
/** Gather stats for the given RTCMediaStreamTrack. If `mediaStreamTrack` is nil
* statistics are gathered for all tracks.
- (void)statsForTrack
: (nullable RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCMediaStreamTrack) *)mediaStreamTrack statsOutputLevel
: (RTCStatsOutputLevel)statsOutputLevel completionHandler
: (nullable void (^)(NSArray<RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCLegacyStatsReport) *> *stats))completionHandler;
/** Gather statistic through the v2 statistics API. */
- (void)statisticsWithCompletionHandler:(RTCStatisticsCompletionHandler)completionHandler;
/** Spec-compliant getStats() performing the stats selection algorithm with the
* sender.
- (void)statisticsForSender:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpSender) *)sender
/** Spec-compliant getStats() performing the stats selection algorithm with the
* receiver.
- (void)statisticsForReceiver:(RTC_OBJC_TYPE(RTCRtpReceiver) *)receiver