Revert "Fix bug where we assume new m= sections will always be bundled."

This reverts commit d2b885fd91909f1b17fb11292a8c989d5d883b22.

Reason for revert: Speculative revert for Chromium importer

Original change's description:
> Fix bug where we assume new m= sections will always be bundled.
> A recent change [1] assumes that all new m= sections will share the
> first BUNDLE group (if one already exists), which avoids generating
> ICE candidates that are ultimately unnecessary. This is fine for JSEP
> endpoints, but it breaks the following scenarios for non-JSEP endpoints:
> * Remote offer adding a new m= section that's not part of any BUNDLE
>   group.
> * Remote offer adding an m= section to the second BUNDLE group.
> The latter is specifically problematic for any application that wants
> to bundle all audio streams in one group and all video streams in
> another group when using Unified Plan SDP, to replicate the behavior of
> using Plan B without bundling. It may try to add a video stream only
> for WebRTC to bundle it with audio.
> This is fixed by doing some minor re-factoring, having BundleManager
> update the bundle groups at offer time.
> Also:
> * Added some additional validation for multiple bundle groups in a
>   subsequent offer, since that now becomes relevant.
> * Improved rollback support, because now rolling back an offer may need
>   to not only remove mid->transport mappings but alter them.
> [1]:
> Bug: webrtc:12906, webrtc:12999
> Change-Id: I4c6e7020c0be33a782d3608dee88e4e2fceb1be1
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> Reviewed-by: Harald Alvestrand <>
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Bug: webrtc:12906, webrtc:12999
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