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* Copyright 2004 The WebRTC Project Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
#include "webrtc/libjingle/xmpp/module.h"
#include "webrtc/libjingle/xmpp/rostermodule.h"
namespace buzz {
// forward declarations
class XmppChatroomModule;
class XmppChatroomHandler;
class XmppChatroomMember;
class XmppChatroomMemberEnumerator;
enum XmppChatroomState {
//! Module that encapsulates a chatroom.
class XmppChatroomModule : public XmppModule {
//! Creates a new XmppChatroomModule
static XmppChatroomModule* Create();
virtual ~XmppChatroomModule() {}
//! Sets the chatroom handler (callbacks) for the chatroom
virtual XmppReturnStatus set_chatroom_handler(XmppChatroomHandler* handler) = 0;
//! Gets the chatroom handler for the module
virtual XmppChatroomHandler* chatroom_handler() = 0;
//! Sets the jid of the chatroom.
//! Has to be set before entering the chatroom and can't be changed
//! while in the chatroom
virtual XmppReturnStatus set_chatroom_jid(const Jid& chatroom_jid) = 0;
//! The jid for the chatroom
virtual const Jid& chatroom_jid() const = 0;
//! Sets the nickname of the member
//! Has to be set before entering the chatroom and can't be changed
//! while in the chatroom
virtual XmppReturnStatus set_nickname(const std::string& nickname) = 0;
//! The nickname of the member in the chatroom
virtual const std::string& nickname() const = 0;
//! Returns the jid of the member (this is the chatroom_jid plus the
//! nickname as the resource name)
virtual const Jid member_jid() const = 0;
//! Requests that the user enter a chatroom
//! The EnterChatroom callback will be called when the request is complete.
//! Password should be empty for a room that doesn't require a password
//! If the room doesn't exist, the server will create an "Instant Room" if the
//! server policy supports this action.
//! There will be different methods for creating/configuring a "Reserved Room"
//! Async callback for this method is ChatroomEnteredStatus
virtual XmppReturnStatus RequestEnterChatroom(const std::string& password,
const std::string& client_version,
const std::string& locale) = 0;
//! Requests that the user exit a chatroom
//! Async callback for this method is ChatroomExitedStatus
virtual XmppReturnStatus RequestExitChatroom() = 0;
//! Requests a status change
//! status is the standard XMPP status code
//! extended_status is the extended status when status is XMPP_PRESENCE_XA
virtual XmppReturnStatus RequestConnectionStatusChange(
XmppPresenceConnectionStatus connection_status) = 0;
//! Returns the number of members in the room
virtual size_t GetChatroomMemberCount() = 0;
//! Gets an enumerator for the members in the chatroom
//! The caller must delete the enumerator when the caller is finished with it.
//! The caller must also ensure that the lifetime of the enumerator is
//! scoped by the XmppChatRoomModule that created it.
virtual XmppReturnStatus CreateMemberEnumerator(XmppChatroomMemberEnumerator** enumerator) = 0;
//! Gets the subject of the chatroom
virtual const std::string subject() = 0;
//! Returns the current state of the user with respect to the chatroom
virtual XmppChatroomState state() = 0;
virtual XmppReturnStatus SendMessage(const XmlElement& message) = 0;
//! Class for enumerating participatns
class XmppChatroomMemberEnumerator {
virtual ~XmppChatroomMemberEnumerator() { }
//! Returns the member at the current position
//! Returns null if the enumerator is before the beginning
//! or after the end of the collection
virtual XmppChatroomMember* current() = 0;
//! Returns whether the enumerator is valid
//! This returns true if the collection has changed
//! since the enumerator was created
virtual bool IsValid() = 0;
//! Returns whether the enumerator is before the beginning
//! This is the initial state of the enumerator
virtual bool IsBeforeBeginning() = 0;
//! Returns whether the enumerator is after the end
virtual bool IsAfterEnd() = 0;
//! Advances the enumerator to the next position
//! Returns false is the enumerator is advanced
//! off the end of the collection
virtual bool Next() = 0;
//! Advances the enumerator to the previous position
//! Returns false is the enumerator is advanced
//! off the end of the collection
virtual bool Prev() = 0;
//! Represents a single member in a chatroom
class XmppChatroomMember {
virtual ~XmppChatroomMember() { }
//! The jid for the member in the chatroom
virtual const Jid member_jid() const = 0;
//! The full jid for the member
//! This is only available in non-anonymous rooms.
//! If the room is anonymous, this returns JID_EMPTY
virtual const Jid full_jid() const = 0;
//! Returns the backing presence for this member
virtual const XmppPresence* presence() const = 0;
//! The nickname for this member
virtual const std::string name() const = 0;
//! Status codes for ChatroomEnteredStatus callback
enum XmppChatroomEnteredStatus
//! User successfully entered the room
//! The nickname confliced with somebody already in the room
//! A password is required to enter the room
//! The specified password was incorrect
//! The user is not a member of a member-only room
//! The user cannot enter because the user has been banned
//! The room has the maximum number of users already
//! The room has been locked by an administrator
//! Someone in the room has blocked you
//! You have blocked someone in the room
//! Client is old. User must upgrade to a more recent version for
// hangouts to work.
//! Some other reason
//! Status codes for ChatroomExitedStatus callback
enum XmppChatroomExitedStatus
//! The user requested to exit and did so
//! The user was banned from the room
//! The user has been kicked out of the room
//! The user has been removed from the room because the
//! user is no longer a member of a member-only room
//! or the room has changed to membership-only
//! The system is shutting down
//! For some other reason
//! The XmppChatroomHandler is the interface for callbacks from the
//! the chatroom
class XmppChatroomHandler {
virtual ~XmppChatroomHandler() {}
//! Indicates the response to RequestEnterChatroom method
//! XMPP_CHATROOM_SUCCESS represents success.
//! Other status codes are for errors
virtual void ChatroomEnteredStatus(XmppChatroomModule* room,
const XmppPresence* presence,
XmppChatroomEnteredStatus status) = 0;
//! Indicates that the user has exited the chatroom, either due to
//! a call to RequestExitChatroom or for some other reason.
//! status indicates the reason the user exited
virtual void ChatroomExitedStatus(XmppChatroomModule* room,
XmppChatroomExitedStatus status) = 0;
//! Indicates a member entered the room.
//! It can be called before ChatroomEnteredStatus.
virtual void MemberEntered(XmppChatroomModule* room,
const XmppChatroomMember* entered_member) = 0;
//! Indicates that a member exited the room.
virtual void MemberExited(XmppChatroomModule* room,
const XmppChatroomMember* exited_member) = 0;
//! Indicates that the data for the member has changed
//! (such as the nickname or presence)
virtual void MemberChanged(XmppChatroomModule* room,
const XmppChatroomMember* changed_member) = 0;
//! Indicates a new message has been received
//! message is the message -
// $TODO - message should be changed
//! to a strongly-typed message class that contains info
//! such as the sender, message bodies, etc.,
virtual void MessageReceived(XmppChatroomModule* room,
const XmlElement& message) = 0;