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* Copyright (c) 2014 The WebRTC project authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
#include "webrtc/modules/audio_coding/codecs/isac/fix/source/filterbank_internal.h"
// WebRtcIsacfix_AllpassFilter2FixDec16 function optimized for MIPSDSP platform.
// Bit-exact with WebRtcIsacfix_AllpassFilter2FixDec16C from filterbanks.c.
void WebRtcIsacfix_AllpassFilter2FixDec16MIPS(
int16_t* data_ch1, // Input and output in channel 1, in Q0.
int16_t* data_ch2, // Input and output in channel 2, in Q0.
const int16_t* factor_ch1, // Scaling factor for channel 1, in Q15.
const int16_t* factor_ch2, // Scaling factor for channel 2, in Q15.
const int length, // Length of the data buffers.
int32_t* filter_state_ch1, // Filter state for channel 1, in Q16.
int32_t* filter_state_ch2) { // Filter state for channel 2, in Q16.
int32_t st0_ch1, st1_ch1; // channel1 state variables.
int32_t st0_ch2, st1_ch2; // channel2 state variables.
int32_t f_ch10, f_ch11, f_ch20, f_ch21; // factor variables.
int32_t r0, r1, r2, r3, r4, r5; // temporary register variables.
__asm __volatile (
".set push \n\t"
".set noreorder \n\t"
// Load all the state and factor variables.
"lh %[f_ch10], 0(%[factor_ch1]) \n\t"
"lh %[f_ch20], 0(%[factor_ch2]) \n\t"
"lh %[f_ch11], 2(%[factor_ch1]) \n\t"
"lh %[f_ch21], 2(%[factor_ch2]) \n\t"
"lw %[st0_ch1], 0(%[filter_state_ch1]) \n\t"
"lw %[st1_ch1], 4(%[filter_state_ch1]) \n\t"
"lw %[st0_ch2], 0(%[filter_state_ch2]) \n\t"
"lw %[st1_ch2], 4(%[filter_state_ch2]) \n\t"
// Allpass filtering loop.
"1: \n\t"
"lh %[r0], 0(%[data_ch1]) \n\t"
"lh %[r1], 0(%[data_ch2]) \n\t"
"addiu %[length], %[length], -1 \n\t"
"mul %[r2], %[r0], %[f_ch10] \n\t"
"mul %[r3], %[r1], %[f_ch20] \n\t"
"sll %[r0], %[r0], 16 \n\t"
"sll %[r1], %[r1], 16 \n\t"
"sll %[r2], %[r2], 1 \n\t"
"addq_s.w %[r2], %[r2], %[st0_ch1] \n\t"
"sll %[r3], %[r3], 1 \n\t"
"addq_s.w %[r3], %[r3], %[st0_ch2] \n\t"
"sra %[r2], %[r2], 16 \n\t"
"mul %[st0_ch1], %[f_ch10], %[r2] \n\t"
"sra %[r3], %[r3], 16 \n\t"
"mul %[st0_ch2], %[f_ch20], %[r3] \n\t"
"mul %[r4], %[r2], %[f_ch11] \n\t"
"mul %[r5], %[r3], %[f_ch21] \n\t"
"sll %[st0_ch1], %[st0_ch1], 1 \n\t"
"subq_s.w %[st0_ch1], %[r0], %[st0_ch1] \n\t"
"sll %[st0_ch2], %[st0_ch2], 1 \n\t"
"subq_s.w %[st0_ch2], %[r1], %[st0_ch2] \n\t"
"sll %[r4], %[r4], 1 \n\t"
"addq_s.w %[r4], %[r4], %[st1_ch1] \n\t"
"sll %[r5], %[r5], 1 \n\t"
"addq_s.w %[r5], %[r5], %[st1_ch2] \n\t"
"sra %[r4], %[r4], 16 \n\t"
"mul %[r0], %[r4], %[f_ch11] \n\t"
"sra %[r5], %[r5], 16 \n\t"
"mul %[r1], %[r5], %[f_ch21] \n\t"
"sh %[r4], 0(%[data_ch1]) \n\t"
"sh %[r5], 0(%[data_ch2]) \n\t"
"addiu %[data_ch1], %[data_ch1], 2 \n\t"
"sll %[r2], %[r2], 16 \n\t"
"sll %[r0], %[r0], 1 \n\t"
"subq_s.w %[st1_ch1], %[r2], %[r0] \n\t"
"sll %[r3], %[r3], 16 \n\t"
"sll %[r1], %[r1], 1 \n\t"
"subq_s.w %[st1_ch2], %[r3], %[r1] \n\t"
"bgtz %[length], 1b \n\t"
" addiu %[data_ch2], %[data_ch2], 2 \n\t"
// Store channel states.
"sw %[st0_ch1], 0(%[filter_state_ch1]) \n\t"
"sw %[st1_ch1], 4(%[filter_state_ch1]) \n\t"
"sw %[st0_ch2], 0(%[filter_state_ch2]) \n\t"
"sw %[st1_ch2], 4(%[filter_state_ch2]) \n\t"
".set pop \n\t"
: [f_ch10] "=&r" (f_ch10), [f_ch20] "=&r" (f_ch20),
[f_ch11] "=&r" (f_ch11), [f_ch21] "=&r" (f_ch21),
[st0_ch1] "=&r" (st0_ch1), [st1_ch1] "=&r" (st1_ch1),
[st0_ch2] "=&r" (st0_ch2), [st1_ch2] "=&r" (st1_ch2),
[r0] "=&r" (r0), [r1] "=&r" (r1), [r2] "=&r" (r2),
[r3] "=&r" (r3), [r4] "=&r" (r4), [r5] "=&r" (r5)
: [factor_ch1] "r" (factor_ch1), [factor_ch2] "r" (factor_ch2),
[filter_state_ch1] "r" (filter_state_ch1),
[filter_state_ch2] "r" (filter_state_ch2),
[data_ch1] "r" (data_ch1), [data_ch2] "r" (data_ch2),
[length] "r" (length)
: "memory", "hi", "lo"
// WebRtcIsacfix_HighpassFilterFixDec32 function optimized for MIPSDSP platform.
// Bit-exact with WebRtcIsacfix_HighpassFilterFixDec32C from filterbanks.c.
void WebRtcIsacfix_HighpassFilterFixDec32MIPS(int16_t* io,
int16_t len,
const int16_t* coefficient,
int32_t* state) {
int k;
int32_t a1, a2, b1, b2, in;
int32_t state0 = state[0];
int32_t state1 = state[1];
int32_t c0, c1, c2, c3;
int32_t c4, c5, c6, c7;
int32_t state0_lo, state0_hi;
int32_t state1_lo, state1_hi;
int32_t t0, t1, t2, t3, t4, t5;
__asm __volatile (
"lh %[c0], 0(%[coeff_ptr]) \n\t"
"lh %[c1], 2(%[coeff_ptr]) \n\t"
"lh %[c2], 4(%[coeff_ptr]) \n\t"
"lh %[c3], 6(%[coeff_ptr]) \n\t"
"sra %[state0_hi], %[state0], 16 \n\t"
"sra %[state1_hi], %[state1], 16 \n\t"
"andi %[state0_lo], %[state0], 0xFFFF \n\t"
"andi %[state1_lo], %[state1], 0xFFFF \n\t"
"lh %[c4], 8(%[coeff_ptr]) \n\t"
"lh %[c5], 10(%[coeff_ptr]) \n\t"
"lh %[c6], 12(%[coeff_ptr]) \n\t"
"lh %[c7], 14(%[coeff_ptr]) \n\t"
"sra %[state0_lo], %[state0_lo], 1 \n\t"
"sra %[state1_lo], %[state1_lo], 1 \n\t"
: [c0] "=&r" (c0), [c1] "=&r" (c1), [c2] "=&r" (c2), [c3] "=&r" (c3),
[c4] "=&r" (c4), [c5] "=&r" (c5), [c6] "=&r" (c6), [c7] "=&r" (c7),
[state0_hi] "=&r" (state0_hi), [state0_lo] "=&r" (state0_lo),
[state1_hi] "=&r" (state1_hi), [state1_lo] "=&r" (state1_lo)
: [coeff_ptr] "r" (coefficient), [state0] "r" (state0),
[state1] "r" (state1)
: "memory"
for (k = 0; k < len; k++) {
in = (int32_t)io[k];
__asm __volatile (
".set push \n\t"
".set noreorder \n\t"
"mul %[t2], %[c4], %[state0_lo] \n\t"
"mul %[t0], %[c5], %[state0_lo] \n\t"
"mul %[t1], %[c4], %[state0_hi] \n\t"
"mul %[a1], %[c5], %[state0_hi] \n\t"
"mul %[t5], %[c6], %[state1_lo] \n\t"
"mul %[t3], %[c7], %[state1_lo] \n\t"
"mul %[t4], %[c6], %[state1_hi] \n\t"
"mul %[b1], %[c7], %[state1_hi] \n\t"
"shra_r.w %[t2], %[t2], 15 \n\t"
"shra_r.w %[t0], %[t0], 15 \n\t"
"addu %[t1], %[t1], %[t2] \n\t"
"addu %[a1], %[a1], %[t0] \n\t"
"sra %[t1], %[t1], 16 \n\t"
"addu %[a1], %[a1], %[t1] \n\t"
"shra_r.w %[t5], %[t5], 15 \n\t"
"shra_r.w %[t3], %[t3], 15 \n\t"
"addu %[t4], %[t4], %[t5] \n\t"
"addu %[b1], %[b1], %[t3] \n\t"
"sra %[t4], %[t4], 16 \n\t"
"addu %[b1], %[b1], %[t4] \n\t"
"mul %[t2], %[c0], %[state0_lo] \n\t"
"mul %[t0], %[c1], %[state0_lo] \n\t"
"mul %[t1], %[c0], %[state0_hi] \n\t"
"mul %[a2], %[c1], %[state0_hi] \n\t"
"mul %[t5], %[c2], %[state1_lo] \n\t"
"mul %[t3], %[c3], %[state1_lo] \n\t"
"mul %[t4], %[c2], %[state1_hi] \n\t"
"mul %[b2], %[c3], %[state1_hi] \n\t"
"shra_r.w %[t2], %[t2], 15 \n\t"
"shra_r.w %[t0], %[t0], 15 \n\t"
"addu %[t1], %[t1], %[t2] \n\t"
"addu %[a2], %[a2], %[t0] \n\t"
"sra %[t1], %[t1], 16 \n\t"
"addu %[a2], %[a2], %[t1] \n\t"
"shra_r.w %[t5], %[t5], 15 \n\t"
"shra_r.w %[t3], %[t3], 15 \n\t"
"addu %[t4], %[t4], %[t5] \n\t"
"addu %[b2], %[b2], %[t3] \n\t"
"sra %[t4], %[t4], 16 \n\t"
"addu %[b2], %[b2], %[t4] \n\t"
"addu %[a1], %[a1], %[b1] \n\t"
"sra %[a1], %[a1], 7 \n\t"
"addu %[a1], %[a1], %[in] \n\t"
"sll %[t0], %[in], 2 \n\t"
"addu %[a2], %[a2], %[b2] \n\t"
"subu %[t0], %[t0], %[a2] \n\t"
"shll_s.w %[a1], %[a1], 16 \n\t"
"shll_s.w %[t0], %[t0], 2 \n\t"
"sra %[a1], %[a1], 16 \n\t"
"addu %[state1_hi], %[state0_hi], $0 \n\t"
"addu %[state1_lo], %[state0_lo], $0 \n\t"
"sra %[state0_hi], %[t0], 16 \n\t"
"andi %[state0_lo], %[t0], 0xFFFF \n\t"
"sra %[state0_lo], %[state0_lo], 1 \n\t"
".set pop \n\t"
: [a1] "=&r" (a1), [b1] "=&r" (b1), [a2] "=&r" (a2), [b2] "=&r" (b2),
[state0_hi] "+r" (state0_hi), [state0_lo] "+r" (state0_lo),
[state1_hi] "+r" (state1_hi), [state1_lo] "+r" (state1_lo),
[t0] "=&r" (t0), [t1] "=&r" (t1), [t2] "=&r" (t2),
[t3] "=&r" (t3), [t4] "=&r" (t4), [t5] "=&r" (t5)
: [c0] "r" (c0), [c1] "r" (c1), [c2] "r" (c2), [c3] "r" (c3),
[c4] "r" (c4), [c5] "r" (c5), [c6] "r" (c6), [c7] "r" (c7),
[in] "r" (in)
: "hi", "lo"
io[k] = (int16_t)a1;
__asm __volatile (
".set push \n\t"
".set noreorder \n\t"
#if !defined(MIPS_DSP_R2_LE)
"sll %[state0_hi], %[state0_hi], 16 \n\t"
"sll %[state0_lo], %[state0_lo], 1 \n\t"
"sll %[state1_hi], %[state1_hi], 16 \n\t"
"sll %[state1_lo], %[state1_lo], 1 \n\t"
"or %[state0_hi], %[state0_hi], %[state0_lo] \n\t"
"or %[state1_hi], %[state1_hi], %[state1_lo] \n\t"
"sll %[state0_lo], %[state0_lo], 1 \n\t"
"sll %[state1_lo], %[state1_lo], 1 \n\t"
" %[state0_hi], %[state0_lo], 0 \n\t"
" %[state1_hi], %[state1_lo], 0 \n\t"
"sw %[state0_hi], 0(%[state]) \n\t"
"sw %[state1_hi], 4(%[state]) \n\t"
".set pop \n\t"
: [state0_hi] "+r" (state0_hi), [state0_lo] "+r" (state0_lo),
[state1_hi] "+r" (state1_hi), [state1_lo] "+r" (state1_lo)
: [state] "r" (state)
: "memory"