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* Copyright (c) 2011 The WebRTC project authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
* bandwidth_estimator.h
* This header file contains the API for the Bandwidth Estimator
* designed for iSAC.
#include "structs.h"
#include "settings.h"
#define MIN_ISAC_BW 10000
#define MIN_ISAC_BW_LB 10000
#define MIN_ISAC_BW_UB 25000
#define MAX_ISAC_BW 56000
#define MAX_ISAC_BW_UB 32000
#define MAX_ISAC_BW_LB 32000
#define MIN_ISAC_MD 5
#define MAX_ISAC_MD 25
// assumed header size, in bytes; we don't know the exact number
// (header compression may be used)
#define HEADER_SIZE 35
// Initial Frame-Size, in ms, for Wideband & Super-Wideband Mode
#define INIT_FRAME_LEN_WB 60
// Initial Bottleneck Estimate, in bits/sec, for
// Wideband & Super-wideband mode
#define INIT_BN_EST_WB 20e3f
#define INIT_BN_EST_SWB 56e3f
// Initial Header rate (header rate depends on frame-size),
// in bits/sec, for Wideband & Super-Wideband mode.
#define INIT_HDR_RATE_WB \
((float)HEADER_SIZE * 8.0f * 1000.0f / (float)INIT_FRAME_LEN_WB)
((float)HEADER_SIZE * 8.0f * 1000.0f / (float)INIT_FRAME_LEN_SWB)
// number of packets in a row for a high rate burst
#define BURST_LEN 3
// ms, max time between two full bursts
#define BURST_INTERVAL 500
// number of packets in a row for initial high rate burst
#define INIT_BURST_LEN 5
// bits/s, rate for the first BURST_LEN packets
#if defined(__cplusplus)
extern "C" {
/* This function initializes the struct */
/* to be called before using the struct for anything else */
/* returns 0 if everything went fine, -1 otherwise */
int32_t WebRtcIsac_InitBandwidthEstimator(
BwEstimatorstr* bwest_str,
enum IsacSamplingRate encoderSampRate,
enum IsacSamplingRate decoderSampRate);
/* This function updates the receiving estimate */
/* Parameters: */
/* rtp_number - value from RTP packet, from NetEq */
/* frame length - length of signal frame in ms, from iSAC decoder */
/* send_ts - value in RTP header giving send time in samples */
/* arr_ts - value given by timeGetTime() time of arrival in samples of packet from NetEq */
/* pksize - size of packet in bytes, from NetEq */
/* Index - integer (range 0...23) indicating bottle neck & jitter as estimated by other side */
/* returns 0 if everything went fine, -1 otherwise */
int16_t WebRtcIsac_UpdateBandwidthEstimator(
BwEstimatorstr* bwest_str,
const uint16_t rtp_number,
const int32_t frame_length,
const uint32_t send_ts,
const uint32_t arr_ts,
const size_t pksize);
/* Update receiving estimates. Used when we only receive BWE index, no iSAC data packet. */
int16_t WebRtcIsac_UpdateUplinkBwImpl(
BwEstimatorstr* bwest_str,
int16_t Index,
enum IsacSamplingRate encoderSamplingFreq);
/* Returns the bandwidth/jitter estimation code (integer 0...23) to put in the sending iSAC payload */
void WebRtcIsac_GetDownlinkBwJitIndexImpl(
BwEstimatorstr* bwest_str,
int16_t* bottleneckIndex,
int16_t* jitterInfo,
enum IsacSamplingRate decoderSamplingFreq);
/* Returns the bandwidth estimation (in bps) */
int32_t WebRtcIsac_GetDownlinkBandwidth(
const BwEstimatorstr *bwest_str);
/* Returns the max delay (in ms) */
int32_t WebRtcIsac_GetDownlinkMaxDelay(
const BwEstimatorstr *bwest_str);
/* Returns the bandwidth that iSAC should send with in bps */
int32_t WebRtcIsac_GetUplinkBandwidth(const BwEstimatorstr* bwest_str);
/* Returns the max delay value from the other side in ms */
int32_t WebRtcIsac_GetUplinkMaxDelay(
const BwEstimatorstr *bwest_str);
/* Fills in an IsacExternalBandwidthInfo struct. */
void WebRtcIsacBw_GetBandwidthInfo(
BwEstimatorstr* bwest_str,
enum IsacSamplingRate decoder_sample_rate_hz,
IsacBandwidthInfo* bwinfo);
/* Uses the values from an IsacExternalBandwidthInfo struct. */
void WebRtcIsacBw_SetBandwidthInfo(BwEstimatorstr* bwest_str,
const IsacBandwidthInfo* bwinfo);
* update amount of data in bottle neck buffer and burst handling
* returns minimum payload size (bytes)
int WebRtcIsac_GetMinBytes(
RateModel* State,
int StreamSize, /* bytes in bitstream */
const int FrameLen, /* ms per frame */
const double BottleNeck, /* bottle neck rate; excl headers (bps) */
const double DelayBuildUp, /* max delay from bottleneck buffering (ms) */
enum ISACBandwidth bandwidth
/*,int16_t frequentLargePackets*/);
* update long-term average bitrate and amount of data in buffer
void WebRtcIsac_UpdateRateModel(
RateModel* State,
int StreamSize, /* bytes in bitstream */
const int FrameSamples, /* samples per frame */
const double BottleNeck); /* bottle neck rate; excl headers (bps) */
void WebRtcIsac_InitRateModel(
RateModel *State);
/* Returns the new framelength value (input argument: bottle_neck) */
int WebRtcIsac_GetNewFrameLength(
double bottle_neck,
int current_framelength);
/* Returns the new SNR value (input argument: bottle_neck) */
double WebRtcIsac_GetSnr(
double bottle_neck,
int new_framelength);
int16_t WebRtcIsac_UpdateUplinkJitter(
BwEstimatorstr* bwest_str,
int32_t index);
#if defined(__cplusplus)